Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

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  • Yogei

I am really confused whether this device can be used to make calls using headset? Though it is mentioned that " no support for GSM voice communication" but some users say they can make calls from it. And what about sms?

  • Anonymous

Sunny, 23 May 2011I am buying a Samsung TAB 3G from Saudi Arabia, which does not h... moreSunny,

Did you manage to get it installed. I might purchase it any time now. Please advise if you are satisfied with the product


why its have less mepix camer clarity is not as standart to sansumg mobile

  • AnonD-9750

I used to change mobile every month.... After using galaxy tab I never need to switch again....... It is all in one solution thanks to samsung and predictive text input (swype) is awesome....... My review it is INCREDIBLE.........

  • Anonymous

TQ Techgeekie...but what is the meaning of the word "Flash" as in "flash the firmware...."? is it copy, or cut, or paste??? what??

  • AnonD-9740

Nazia, 26 May 2011Hiiii, I need urgent reply please I got Iphone 4 so I want to... moreStick to the I phone coz the galaxy is very large and you can't call without handsfree

  • AnonD-9740

Hey guys ! is it normal to find tiny pieces of dust in the display ?? please help , thanks.

  • Mick

Hello , I got my p1000 GT 2 days ago and I found a tiny piece of dust in the display , is that normal ???

  • Techgeekie

You can update the device to latest version of android . Follow step by step info here .­ad-and-install-official-android.html

  • Anonymous

When gingerbread upgrade will be available to SGT in south east asia

  • puru

I could not install nepali font. How can i install nepali font? Plz help.

  • ubippu

when i connect to KIES, it states there that "This version of the firmware cannot be updated" why is it like that? and then, when i want to download magazines in ZINIO, it says that i have to update to a newer version of ZINIO, why? how do we update ZINIO, and what's wrong with KIES?

  • mrtoh71

abhijit, 28 May 2011hey guys plz help me out..... i m confused which one should i p... moreone big screen one small screen....

  • pozeaki

hi guys
can i install application on the galaxy tab?
if i buy it i will be able to use the phone option in haiti?please help me.

  • buggy

Hello People, Greetings

am a proud owner of galaxy tab p1000, am running Android 2.2 Froyo and wish to upgrade to Android Gingerbread 2.3, is it really worth upgrading? How is the batter life and performance ? As of now am getting a day and a half with moderate usage. If I go for an upgrade how woll it be? better, worse or par ? and how is the performamce in terms of gaming, watching movies and Surfing the net. I use Wi-Fi most of the time, and at times I use 3G (say the ratio is 3:2 ).

Can someone please help me on this, is it worth upgrading?

Thanks in Advave !!!!


  • AnonD-133

GUYS i am thinking of buying the galaxy tab...i was first interested apple ipad but later i heard it cant be used as a phone.i was just wondering if we can connect a keyboard on through a usb cable.does it support USB OTG like their female usb port on the galaxy tab....which do u suggest this tab or ipad or playbook.

PLZ reply i really need a urget decision btw i am student and i sometimes want to write on it instead on my copy with ink long does the charge supports on it

  • Khadim

Nazia, 26 May 2011Hiiii, I need urgent reply please I got Iphone 4 so I want to... moreGo for it. Iphone is a proper phone. But this is a Tablet with phone. I've used both but no match for galaxy tab

  • Antar

Nazia, 26 May 2011Hiiii, I need urgent reply please I got Iphone 4 so I want to... moreYes Nazia, I think it will be a great idea to change your I phone with Samsung Galaxy Tab (SGT). SGT has even more options than IP4 except 4G. Even SGT works as a PC along with the mobile facility. It's a complete package so far seems to me. I have both of them but believe me SGT proves so far supreme to IP4. So IMHO, go for SGT but still the decision is yours.

  • abhijit

hey guys plz help me out.....
i m confused which one should i preffer the most i m thinking of galaxy tab & galaxy ace. plz tell me wich one will be the best

  • Arun

some time its giving more trouble