Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

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  • ageel

AnonD-7850, 06 May 2011is this tab has document editor?Of course has

  • Alex.T

far, 04 May 2011does this device have USB on-the-go ??What is USB one-the-go ?

  • Shiv (Mauritius)

RAj, 03 May 2011Hi Guys.I am a medico.I am confused which tab have to buy.betwee... moreHey Raj, I am a Med rep in Mauritius for GSK and let me tell you how great this P1000 tab is. I am using it for all my presentations, for projectors I just have to connect my Video cable and it's awesome.

Great device, badly needed one like this. One advice, take it buddy, no questions asked.

  • linus

TravisH, 06 May 2011This tab is fully upgradable and customizable. i have honeycomb ... moreHi, where did u download the honeycomb? Is it working in stable condition (all function)? Possible to post so other can try instead of waiting for samsung to provide the download which was not a promise they didnt keep.

Tks in advance

  • Koolkal

raj, 29 Apr 2011Hi Guys.Is it possible to draw on this tab or to take notes by d... moreYou can draw on thw tab with software at the market but can't take notes with a pointer as it is a capacitative screen but you can type your notes with swype which is way to cool

  • KoolKal

AnonD-7450, 01 May 2011Hi everybody I just want to know epub ebooks are available on t... moredear bayaraa,
You can easily download epub books on your pc...transfer them to the tab and open with the inbuilt book reader

  • SAM

TravisH, 06 May 2011This tab is fully upgradable and customizable. i have honeycomb ... morehow did u get honeycomb on yr tab p1000, plz tell us also

  • ksx

TravisH, 06 May 2011This tab is fully upgradable and customizable. i have honeycomb ... morewho's honeycomb firmware are you using? from where did you download it?

  • AnonD-7850

is this tab has document editor?


how can record call???

  • TravisH

This tab is fully upgradable and customizable. i have honeycomb 3.0 smoothly running on mine. And i work for atnt and everyone that has a ipad and plays with mine immediately asks, "how can i trade?" , lol! i make and take calls on this device for free, text message , video call , you name it it does it and in my opinion......the best size . why the hell do you want to carry a 10 inch screen around ? oh yeah then buy a keyboard and attach it, wait call that a laptop! thats stupis as hell! i can put this in most of my back pockets and even if not so its perfect for easily toting around like a book. Yet great size for viewing any video or browsing the web. the only way i would get any new tablet is in a couple years when they come out with a dual core 2 ghz processor or something with more powerful graphics. This is by far the best tab out .............period!


I need help from any expert to provide steps for downloading SKYPE from the Galaxy App Store with Video Call. Currently, I can't find any SKYPE ICONs in the APP Store. Can any one help? Thanks

  • lyn16

should i buy this samsung galaxy tab or samsung galaxy s ?
i really love the super big screen but it's hard to carry around..that's my only problem with galaxy tab (although i think the galaxy s screen is really not that small). as for galaxy s, the memory's smaller and the battery depletes faster.
another question .. as for the downloadable applications, are they EXACTLY the same for both phones?

  • far

does this device have USB on-the-go ??

  • Anonymous

Is it posible to put shortcut of my personal folder in to the homescreen? Is there anyway to install a software or hardware to run the usb on the go?

  • newtabber

can u upgrade the android on the tab???

  • osama

is that have a voice over ip function ?

  • RAj

Hi Guys.I am a medico.I am confused which tab have to buy.between samsung tab p1000 or new going to be launched samsung TAB 8.9 and 10.1 screen or HTC flyer or LG pad.Is it possible to connect to projector for presentation.local person said its possible to do cable for samsung tab.My question will it be displayed by projector though connectors are appropriate.
Thanks in advance

  • -zerosugar-

so God damn true this little angel gadget is realyy makes me crazy compare to iphone & well ipad..

  • buggy

chuks, 02 May 2011thought ipad and iphone have it all till i bought GT-P1000. Beli... moreExactly ......... I agree this 100% bro ...