Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

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  • RAj

Hi Guys.I am a medico.I am confused which tab have to buy.between samsung tab p1000 or new going to be launched samsung TAB 8.9 and 10.1 screen or HTC flyer or LG pad.Is it possible to connect to projector for presentation.local person said its possible to do cable for samsung tab.My question will it be displayed by projector though connectors are appropriate.
Thanks in advance

  • -zerosugar-

so God damn true this little angel gadget is realyy makes me crazy compare to iphone & well ipad..

  • buggy

chuks, 02 May 2011thought ipad and iphone have it all till i bought GT-P1000. Beli... moreExactly ......... I agree this 100% bro ...

  • chuks

thought ipad and iphone have it all till i bought GT-P1000. Believe me guys,if u hate the small size xters of an iphone n the 'too-big' version of the ipad, u would be in love with samsung galaxy tab. Jst get a good wallet for it n u'll be glad u have an electronic diary. Its lovely!!!!!!

  • AnonD-7490

Galaxy tap P1000 is a machine with human behavour

  • jum

hello, can any one let me know how to take backup and store it on a external hard disk

  • raymond

Can anyone tell me.. can i use galaxy Tab to play Forex in Net..?

  • monte

Sam, 27 Apr 2011I was also had this wifi problem, but now i got one solution, go... more@Sam, how long you keep mobile AP on?
And, did this problem started recently?, I doubt for me it happened after last update.

  • AnonD-7450

"epub" ebooks available???

  • AnonD-7450

Hi everybody
I just want to know epub ebooks are available on this magic tab or not?
Pls reply, it's really important to me
Thank you

  • AnonD-7450

[deleted post]absolutely you can make a voice call, yess u can

  • bayaraa

Hello everybody, Is there anyone who will tell me epub books available on this tab or not?
Pls reply
I really need it, Thank you :)

  • iaminauh

sheikh, 16 Apr 2011Dear Pals, My Camera is not showing the object to capture but wh... moreHi Sheikh, this is the same problem for me as well.
i used to swich off my tab and on. it was heppening after 2days only. now i found the reason. you have to change storage option in camera. make it phone storage instead of sdcard. mine is working fine now. try this one and tell me

  • boo

can this tablet be connected to any printer? does it function like a normal laptop as well? thank you

  • poonga

AnonD-7259, 28 Apr 2011can we use tally 7.2 in samsung P1000 Galaxy Tabyes you can keep your lund and pussy of ur wife on galaxy tab and work on sex tally.

  • Anonymous

Why Samsung keep delaying the firmware upgrade to Gingerbread? Why support Samsung if don't upgrade. At least Apple keep it's promises.


for problem regarding wifi connection " obtaining ip address " do the following
just open browser then open your router web page that is for example 1520.---.---.--- this.
thats it u are successfully connected if not then try to reboot router that will do the job
thanks for reading

  • Anonymous

haddles, 28 Apr 2011Price in Australia slashed to $298 including taxes for 3g versio... moredude, whatz the present price of ipad 2 16gb 3g version in australia??? and whats the price of galaxy tab??? thnx in advance....


where can i buy this?

  • KKM

What is the latest version of this phone ? I mean the tab which has both voice, 3g and wifi ?