Samsung P730

Samsung P730

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  • folly

i need a phone

  • foluso

i would appreciate if you tell me thecost of these phones and how to make payment for 5 pcs to london.mail me as soon as you get these mail.

  • Adeniyi Fatai

samsung you are great i will continue to trust in ur product. ride on.

  • Adeniyi Fatai

it is fantastic and one among all.


well, i ve nothing much to say than A BIG BRAVO to samsung management for there product. i luv it.

  • Dick

take it easy with the caps lock. The phone hasnt yet been released, that could be why you cant find a price.

  • sweetmady

what is the price of this phone??? i want to buy one but i cant find anywhere the price!!! please help!!!

  • Joey

hahahaha , sucks

  • Larry Moore

I kinda heard that Bluetooth isn't not very popular in Korea well but just heard...

  • big bastardo

have samsung heard of bluetoothe? it looks quite nice, but far too fiddly for a phone. i think companies are forgetting that a mobile phone is primarily a PHONE. if i want a gizmatic camera I'll buy a proper camera that offers 6m pixels for less.

  • kayode akanni


  • Larry Moore

Well Seyang, if you said so i am giving you a good news I've seen pre-paid recharge card in many places in Korea ...well haven't seen yet pre-paid phone though but isn't it obvious???

  • To: Kerella

i respect ur point of view, but, in any case that could happen, Physics' law plays a part in this phone. The more you use the twisting flipping function, the more loosen it gets, and , it will cause undesirable defects.

  • Kerella

Samsung are the RULERS of flip phone design this design is fabulous, it looks so trendy. I am great at recognising a stylish and elegant phone. Nokia tries way to hard they can design a regular phone good enough but their flip phones are lacking and sometimes horrendous (7200). But Samsung go from strength to strength. This phone is going to be awesome. It looks great and has great features. Well done Samsung, you continue to be king of design!! Nokia, fire your designer immidiately!!!

  • akshat

i m an indian.will i be able to get this phone easily in india?

  • peter

is this phone gonna be available in NZ??

  • Leah

Does this phone have the SPEAKERPHONE feature??

  • Seyang

Hmm, thanks guys anywayz. Larry, i've spoken to telstra here and they said that its an 90% chance that korean phone will work with there CDMA service. So what i was thinking is, if korea have prepaid mobile, i might purchase one and try to test it out in OZ.

  • Larry Moore

Seyang, I am not Korean first of all, but Korean phone runs on W-CDMA in other hand, We, AU, have UMTS so i dont think you can do that but anyway if you could just plz tell me :) I go Korea like twice a month

  • sue

i've heard that P730 will not work in australia.. is this phone be available in NZ though?