Samsung P730

Samsung P730

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  • Andy Echs

And you can open tins and bottles with it!

  • lin

good phone

  • Aussie Dealer

I have had many types of phones, and I also sell phones, and handle all repairs for my store. Samsung are the best if you are looking for reliability. Also they are the best looking phones on the market. True, they are expensive, but that is because of their features (they need bluetooth though!).

I have a samsung, a motorola, a nokia, and have had ericsson (which died in a week). The samsung has given me the best reception, battery life, and is just the best looking phone out of the lot.

I will admit, samsung *used* to be a very bad mobile company, but they have improved phenominally over the past 2 years in quality and style.

But you gotta remember, all of these opinions are just personal preferences. You can't please everyone.

  • shaheen

im about to get this phone in exchange for my gx32. but not decided yet. if u think i should tell me on my email add

  • To Samsung

A phone should be better in price to!!
You idiot!!!! Your phones are too expensive even without having bluetooth!!
You might have 3,4,5,6, Mega pixel Cameras og gega pixels !! who can buy them!

  • To Samsung

A phone should be better in price to!!
You idiot!!!! Your phones are too expensive even without having bluetooth!!

You might have 3,4,5,6, Mega pixel Cameras og gega pixels !! who can buy them!

  • David Comodorel

Samsung Display have nice colors but they have too much enhanced!! You cannot see natural colors!! Sharp and motorola Display are not bright as Samsung but they have naturel colors!!

I realizd this after I bought a Motorola V600 after the My Samsung SGH-V200
The motorola V600 diplay is more clear and have natural colors!!

Does this phones also have Samsung V200 colors!!??

  • Helen

To - unknown (2)

See this

This Samsung P730 it has a 220X176 Pixel Display.
So the total pixels of the Display is
One pixel can represent only one color at time!!
So the maximum number of colors that this screen display is 38720!!! Not 256K(256000)
The motorola v1000 has a 320X240 Display at least it can display 76800 Colors at a time! this also has a 256000 Color display!!!
If Samsung is better than Motorola why do you use Motorola Processors for samsung smart phones HEY??
Coz Samsung donot have that much of Advanced technology!!
Samsung is just a Electronic & Electrical equipment manufacturer.

Motorola is a world know Hi-Tech and Microprocessor making innovative company!!

Samsung is a company that expand there business following others path!! starting others industries!! What industry did you innovate!
Motorola is a self born company that innovate advanced!!!
Samsung buys Motorola processors for there phones!! Why is that why dont you use yours !!!!

Every body know it is the best if you see
" Made in USA "
" Made in Japan"
" Made in Germany, England, Italy...etc
or made to there "American of English , Jap.Standerds"

But if you see made in korea!! Feels just low in quality!!! Or have you seen any one using "Korean standards" HA it is a real shit!! coz Koreans use "Amreican Standers!!!!

Remenber !! Taylor made is not the best!!!

  • Anonymous

Samsung phones are not reliable. No matter how marvelous their features are, sumsung phones are fragile and problematic lol!

  • unknown (2)

for all of you motorola lovers. sorry to say but in korea....there are actually phones with camera's that are 3.0mp. and they've been out for a while. people actually look at the people they're talking to. that's been out for a while too. so before you start dissing samsung go to korea and check out the real phones and then come back here and tell me that motorola is better.....

  • Anonymous

Huuuuuuuuge antennaaa

  • cheng

nice look

  • cheng heng lin

i'm a samsung supporter in Malaysia (Asia). I would like to know when this model will launching in Malaysia? Please so respon ASAP, thanks. I really like this model.

  • azam

simply superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i swear

  • haroon


  • puji

very bad..!! give me one to promotion edition !!!
no comment !!!

  • sam

outstanding phone, absolutely wonderful,i hope it suites my pocket

  • Walsh

This thing is a shit phone!!
This has imitated the old motorola V70 swing type!!!!

  • Michelle

Where can l buy SGH P730 from singapore and Kuala Lumpur?

  • blessing fyne

well i think it is a very nice phone,very portable,and most of all its beautiful.i wld really love to ve 1.......thanks...,blessing fyne.