Samsung P730

Samsung P730

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  • To: - mysterios

Bad design!!!

I can use this phone to open tins with its big antenna!!

Samsung Why do you always imitate others models??? I saw the Samsung D410 it has imitated the old NOKIA 7650's sliding key pad? This has Imitated the Old Motorola V70 swinq design. Nokia took the market leadership in the mid 90's!! Not a single model were imitated from Motorola!! Still they are the market leader!! See how does NOKIA do!!!!! NO imitations
Samsung and Korea "ROCK" With Imitations and "COPYCATS"

Thats a NATIONS habbit

  • Lim Jessie

I like this phone it is very nice but the antenna is to long. when is this phone coming out. Please keep me inform.

  • Anonymous

good phone

  • Anup

The p730 how much does it cost?
Also wanted to know if anyone sells it?
I would really like you to e-mail me how much the phone cost and the acessories also if i get out of country 'n i live in usa will it work hear?

  • MFH

This phone is the coolest phone i ever had! It came out ages ago here in Seoul. I love the clear colour screen and especially love the true sounds when playing MP3 or listening to your poly. The rotating screen is soo cool and addictive :).

PROS: cool design, excelent sound quality, best clear pictures, compact and many features.

CONS: when rotate to many times it gets loose, battery life, bulky and hard to use navigational button (the round blue arrows).

Still, i love Samsung and will still buy their products in the future...

S.KOREA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND SAMSUNG 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Hey Sam, where is the Bluetooth again??? No expansion slot never mind...

  • CG

has the moto v1000 video-recording feature or it just plays dowloaded videos????????



  • Kevin

Mysterios, where did you get the phone for $250? I would like to buy one.

  • lim


  • Anonymous

to Helen who was stupid enuf to count up the pixels:
i jst had to point out ur stupidity in mistaking the no. of colours with the no. of pixels

unknown(2) was referring to camera resolution and u were talkin abt a totally diff thing AND in a wrong way too!! 256k DOES NOT mean 256k pixels u dork! it means one pixel can show 256k diff colours!! learn mor b4 u make ne mor dumb comments

  • kenny

oh my god....i love this phone. someone was talking about how this phone is a rip off of the motorola v70. please....the v70 was the biggest pice of shit ever made. and the v1000 is one of the ugliest phones i have ever seen. it looks like shit. anyway....i just got this phone and it kick american ass any day....

  • dude

who the f*ck cares about bluetooth. it's just heavy expensive equipment not needed unless your a tech geek. not everybody needs bluetooth.

  • mysterios

i don't know where you guys are from but this phone isn't really that expensive. i just bought the phone for $250 with an activation. i live in the US. and by the way...Helen.....i take it you're american made but it'd be cooler if you could spell in correctly in your native language.....korea rocks~~!!!!

  • Anonymous

"hey hey peeps , when it says MP3 PLAYER , means that it plays mp3 rights.?"


  • LimeSide

hey hey peeps , when it says MP3 PLAYER , means that it plays mp3 rights.?
anyone knows how the quality is like? as in the sound output :D

  • Anonymous

no bluetooth!!

  • zaniel sim

samsung P730 have bluetooth?

  • louis

i like it ssoooooo much..hope i can get 1..that's a good phone..luv it

  • jazz 222

quite a good phone... if got bluetooth more nice..