Samsung P850

Samsung P850

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  • herher121

I just bought the phone
the phoneis more than PERFECT
much coool Phone
btw......The phone is small and not that big many might think its from its pic

  • Zeno

3,2 Megapixel but whyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! the video is QCIF!!!!!!!!!! OH C'MON SAMSUNG!!

  • Marco

Bought it 2 days ago nice phone thin features, sound not the best but okay, cam not as good as k800 but it was ever the same, however in the hole a nice phone

  • AJP

Hey, how is the video recording on this phone?

  • gg

Bought it. Great phone with great sound, camera. Battery lasts me long enough for me to listen to music all day.

  • mike

can you put music video's on this phone, if you can... can you tell me how

  • Anonymous

the phone build is solid and the feel is expensive. have thought of getting 8800 nevertheless I hold back and get this phone instead. will definitely be using it for a while!!! well done samsung!

  • Anonymous
what a stunner!
leather like feel and look make it feel exclusive.the actual thing looks better than the website picture. tried the phone and the sound was clear. the camera is just like a real digital camera. well done - beats N80 anyday..

  • Anonymous

Yes, the MP3 quality is great. Also, using the p850 with the ITech r35 bluetooth stereo headset. The sound is better than any other A2DP I have heard to date. Very Happy with the Phone. Again, Great Value!

  • Johny

Excellent camera, real stunner I must say.I've just seen the night shots on the said site. Good job Samsung. But does the P850 deliver adequate MP3 sound quality ? If it does so, it will definitely be my next choice.

  • Anonymous

can this phone record conversation during talking?? thx!

  • Anonymous

here's some night shots taken with the p850.­1276196&page=9&pp=15

  • Kal

Amazing picture quality. No need to carry a digital camera any more.Cheers!

  • marean

i want you send me pictures to make samsung p850. thank you

  • marean

heeeeelp.finding pictures made with P850

  • kiki

one of the best phone out there in my opinion..the 3.2 megapixel camera is great!...i think samsung is finally catch up with phones now aday is very the nk8800..

  • jkchang

Anyone have problems with their p850's screen getting dim and not being able to brighten it using the phone settings? My screen is barely readable now.

  • lucienium


ugh! stores in manila are still selling it for 24,000+ ...i checked everywhere and i can't find one that sells it for 19,850

...maybe i should visit cebu then. instead of spending 4,000 on nuthing i can go there and use the money i'll save to enjoy an overnight vacation, hehe.

thanks dude

  • Anonymous

cheapest looking phone? have you ever touched and felt this phone? the phone build is solid, no creaks anywhere. the leather-like plastic feels and looks like leather, much better than the cheap creaky plastic you get on nokia and sony ericsson phones. in camera mode with the flip turned over, it looks like an old school leica camera, very classy.