Samsung P850

Samsung P850

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  • Kal


Samsung designed this along with Z700 a long time back when the slim design was not on the market. The new design is Z710. I thought they would cancell this as old design like Z700. But they released it. Its thick and not appealing for todays market, thats true.

  • JoE

Samsung realy did the worst job this time. I have been a Samsung fan always but this phone is the ugliest and the cheapest looking device I have even seen. It looks like a Cheap Plastic Toy not a Solid Phone. It looks so cheap I think you can buy any other phone with far better construction quality. Sorry Samsung

  • ANDY

Does this phone have radio - FM function?? This will defintely work with cingular right?? or it wont work as well with cingular?

  • Anonymous

dis fone sells on ebay for about 420.00USD with s&h. dis fone is da bomb

  • fiero19


Cebu, Philippines here. And yes it sells at Php19,850 or approximately US$382.839 here.

I'm just wondering why gsmarena hasn't come up with a review for it yet when it's already available.


  • Anonymous

the video is about 352*288 (if i'm not wrong)

in m'sia, this phone sell rm 1,899.00

  • pelo

can somebody whos got fone please check video sizes and see if it cif video recording resolution,,thank you

  • lucienium

Sorry, I meant, Fiero19. 19,850? r u sure? please tell me where you saw it, i'm going to buy it ...hehehe ...also, is it with warranty? Thanks!!! :)

  • lucienium

FIERY19, where in the philippines did you see this phone for only 19k??? MemoXpress sells it for 24k which is a little to expensive ...please e-mail me. thanks

  • qIyIn

this rocks man! awesome! xD sansung is really catching up on nokia. nokia should look out! this will cost a bomb though... wait a while for the price to drop. =)

  • Tariq Aziz Dero

Hello all....
I have bought this cellphone a week ago. As I am frequent phone swaper so I have purchased and used almost every available cellphone in our market. This phone was launched in Pakistan with price tage of Rs. 33000/= and in merely week tine it hase shaded Rs. 5000/= and touched the mark of Rs. 28000/=. Coming back to its features, phone has same menu as found in Samsung D-600. MP3 Player is of same chemistry, not a penny difference between P850 and D600. Only difference is Camera, camera results are stunning, clear pictures, resolution and above all shooting mode, landscape mode thanks to rotating screen. It has shorter battery life, if you use it as camera, it remains alive only for one hour or so. Real power hungry. Nothing special to compare it with other samsung phones all is same. All same boring menu as you find it in other samsung phones.

  • Bill

Does p850 really records video only 176*144 (qcif)?

  • Kal

Guys there are many triband phones available and Im using them for a long time in the states. Cingular/t-mobile works on 1900Mzh and now they are working on 850mzh. Cingular has already developed 850 network in some areas.

Its wrong that a triband phone that has 1900mhz only wont work with cingular. It will as long as there is 1900Mhz network available. Keep you network setting to "automatic" and it will pick up any avialable network be it cingular or tmobile or someone else.

  • Anonymous

Wont work with Cingular?
Aww shucks, i guess im gonna have to wait for the Nokia N80 for quad band.

  • John

Maybye who nows is in Package P850
128MB MicroSD Card?:)

  • Dereck

Please, help me.
When you buy your PP850 you have in the package flash card 128mb?

  • Betik

am considering buying but would like to know if this phone has the same feature as other samsungs where the phone does not ring and vibrate at the same time for the whole time it rings like a nokia does...please can someone help me by emailing to thanks heaps..

  • Justin

In some area, Cingular only runs their network at 850MHz frequency. You won't get reception with Cingular service with this phone if there's no 1900MHz band available in your area.

  • fiero19

Now available in the Philippines for Php 19,850 or 382.839 USD

  • Anonymous

I would like to buy this phone but the frequency is 850mhz here in Los Angeles. I have Cingular. Will it affect my reception or service if i use 900mhz?