Samsung Pay feature on Gear S3 currently not available to Google Pixel users

Himanshu, 28 November 2016

As you might already know, Samsung Pay works on the company's latest Gear S3 smartwatch even if the user doesn't have a Samsung smartphone. However, turns out that not all eligible non-Samsung smartphones are currently supported.

The South Korean company has confirmed on Twitter that Samsung Pay on the Gear S3 isn't compatible with Google's latest Pixel/Pixel XL smartphones.

There's currently no information on exactly why the new Android devices aren't in the supported devices list.

When asked if they have any plans to start supporting the Pixel phones, the official Samsung Pay account offered at-least some hope by saying, "We're constantly working to bring #SamsungPay to more devices - stay tuned."



Reader comments

Ok, but when Samsung Pay or even Android Pay will come in Canada?

Samsung are just salty because their latest flagship got discontinued and the pixel XL is taking some of its share away.

  • Anonymous

Quite the opposite, actually. Samsung doesn't want people buying phones from Google.

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