Samsung remembers its past milestones as Galaxy nears its 10 year anniversary

Peter, 11 January 2019

The Samsung I7500 Galaxy was announced in April 2009 – Samsung’s Android phones turn 10 this year. Galaxy would grow to become the biggest smartphone line in the world, but it had to go through many innovations and milestones to get here.

Samsung has a history of innovative devices and their DNA can still be seen in modern Galaxy gadgets. In 1999 it brought mobile entertainment to a new level with a TV phone. It’s 1.8” color screen makes today’s 6+ inch slabs look like pocket IMAX theaters. That same year the SPH-WP10 watch phone was unveiled, the grand-daddy of the Galaxy Watch.

Display innovation continued with the Samsung T100 – the first phone with an Active Matrix display. The company would continue to push its display technology until eventually it launched the Galaxy Note Edge, the first phone with a curved screen (something that’s now a trademark feature of Galaxy flagships).

The Note series split off from the Galaxy S line – the first Galaxy Note championed large screens and it introduced the S Pen to the world (since then several tablets have similar styluses, but no phones do). Late last year the company announced its plans for a foldable phone – the next step after curved screens.

Samsung does more than just screens, of course. It’s most recent endeavor is to bring 5G to the world. It was the first to get the go-ahead from the FCC for its 5G network hardware after launching a 5G network in South Korea. Of course, there’s a 5G phone coming in the first half of this year.

There's more of Samsung's history here, all of which cleared the path to the upcoming Galaxy S10.


Reader comments

  • s-pen pusher

how about a follow-up to the k-zoom, or throw back in xenon flash and mechanical shutter on smartphones? and please, give back the option for flat screen on flagships!

  • N9 User

Good article, your an asset to the GSMA comment section! I had the S6 & now N9 & I'm happy ;) But yeah going forward Samsung need to be smart with no gimmicks, no point releasing a subpar 4 cam just to be the 1st.

  • Anonymous

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