Samsung rumored to be Huawei's OLED screen supplier for the P30 Pro

Ro, 16 March 2019

And here's another one. A new report emerged claiming that Samsung is the sole supplier for OLED panels for this year's Huawei flagship, the P30 Pro. Assuming, the regular P30 will also be getting Samsung-made AMOLED.

According to a Weibo post, which in turn claims to have inside information, Huawei has struck a deal with Samsung and has tasked the latter of making all of the OLED panels for the P30 flagships. There's more than one reason for Huawei to make the switch.

For starters, Samsung is the biggest smartphone OLED supplier in the industry and has the manpower to pull off the high demand. Secondly, this would ensure fewer leaks, although it's a little too late for that. Additionally, it makes the whole process less complicated as Huawei has to deal with just one supplier.

And last, but not least, the problem with quality control could potentially be solved. Remember the Mate 20 Pro fiasco with the LG-made panels? The BOE ones were fine, but a lot of LG panels failed within the first week of launching, which affected overall sales for sure.

It looks like Huawei and Samsung have let bygones be bygones. After all, securing high-quality components is more important.

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Reader comments

As for smartphone market share Huawei and LG aren't even in the same league, and they both have completely different target audiences therefore they aren't even each other's rival. So it makes no sense to think that Huawei wanted to lower LG's reputa...

LG is not some small Korean company, they are pretty big in the west. Well more established than Huawei for sure.

When did they start obeying the law?

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