Samsung S7330

Samsung S7330

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  • Anonymous

When i try to do a multiple deletion of smses, it keeps telling me to "select at least 1 item" even though i have already selected the smses that I want to delete. Anyone can help?

  • Davide

tre, 01 Feb 2009i got this phone on friday lovely phone BUT on the screen ive go... moreI don't think it can change.The big clock is for the main menu,whilst the small one is used when you are not in the main menu.I have a Samsung L810v Steel which is basically the same as the S7330.Hopefully in the near future,I can get my hand on the S7330.Can you answer a question?How is the font size with Opera Mini 4.2 when it is on extra large?

  • tre

i got this phone on friday lovely phone BUT on the screen ive got 2 forms of telling the time(1)is the normal clock in the right hand corner (2)is the world clock on my screen and i cant seem to remove it.
can anyone help me get this of my phone

  • davide

Can someone tell me, if the FONT SIZE of Opera Mini 4.2 is small,even when it is set as extra large? Thanks very much.

  • rakeb

ok like u900 but more than u900 beautiful also s7330 no touch ...but u900 touch

  • Claire

How do I increase the volume of the "battery low alert" sound?

  • Anonymous

how can you put it on idle mode?

  • sam

Ann, 26 Jan 2009i cannot find the reject list in the phone. when i go to contact... morehi
go to settings then go to call settings then call manager then all calls tere is a feature of auto reject thats what u want

  • Ann

Rajesh kumar, 11 Jan 2009go to the reject list and delete thati cannot find the reject list in the phone. when i go to contacts and options . It only gives me a choie to 'Add to Reject List" no oher coices other than that. In U900 whe ur adding a number to reject lost it gives u options like -choose multiple numbers- remove from reject list etc. However in this phone i cannot find these options. Could please elaborate how to remove the number from the reject list.Thanks...

  • ARTA

so far i have dis fon for about 1 month..for me dis fon is good,nothing much problems...about the battery life,i can say it poor,mine only last for 2 days..i like to answer some Q from u all...about the 2 bottons next to the C,the left is for video call and right is for organizer such as calendar,memo,task, install the java games,u need to download it by using GPRS..cannot simply copy the JAR or JAD file to the'll recognize as unsupported change the size of font,while u are read the SMS,press the volume key to change its size..this fon cannot read mp4 format,only 3GP i guess..haven't try it yet....what i disappointing is that when we set ringtone from the memory card,it copy the file to fon...make my fon memory smaller..

i think that's all...okies then...

  • Anonymous

why cant I actually see the emoticone in a sms? where as i can see them on msn messenger on the fone???

any setings?

  • franco

how do i make it to vibrate then ring at the same time

  • f1

Why can't this unit play mp4 files. Even those taken from other Samsung phones like U600, U700 etc? Overall very satisfied with unit.

  • Anonymous

how to make video call? can i use this feature?

  • Manish

what abt Zoom in camera/
any one can tell me how it will work.

  • HI

I might get this fone and i would like 2 know what the buttons next 2 the cancel button do.

  • Apoma

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2008Hithere, how do you set vibration on this phone while is ringing?Ia have the same question... can it vibrate while it is ringing? (normal profile)

  • Sabrina

Hi, are we able to enlarge the fonts on this phone?

  • mike

I just bought it and i like it very much but i have a problem...I have some java games and applications and it does not support as it says unsupported file..the same thing happens with mp4 files...Does anyone know what may be wrong...??
thanks in advance...

  • utkarsh roy

saba, 26 Dec 2008its sound quality without earphone is loud or not?without earphone sound is not so good but in earphone it's mindblowing .