Samsung S8530 Wave II

Samsung S8530 Wave II

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  • Waver

atul, 17 Jan 2011Samsung S8530 Wave II IS NOW ON 3RD NO. ON RANKING .........:)))... moreHi Atul,
This Phone Is Best In Whole World,
Yes We All Are Ready To Keep This Samsung Wave II GT-S8530 In First Position In Ranking.

  • Roby

Browser of this phone is too bad
in this phone 1ghz pro but internet downlod speed too bad
but graphic of this phone is fabulos video quality is greatcamera great..............

  • tg

Maya, 16 Jan 2011@ TG Yes the number of messages u can save is limited to 1300... morewhere is that option in the phone?? please help me

  • RoYaL

[deleted post]Got it from Silicon Mobiles, Chandni. Its nesr Ezone Mall...

  • sachin


  • Anonymous

check out this great of the best­8.0

  • Saty

Hey guys got my wave2 a few days back was hunting for wave but couldn't find it.Compared it with Xperia X10, I-phone 4, C7 at the shop only and made my decision in reality SuperAMOLED is almost equal to SLCD. There are lots of ppl spreading the word that there is hell lot of diff..just bullshit! Btw I can't add Menu screens when clicking edit in Menu ! Can add or delete homescreens but not Menu one ! Help me guys ! One thing that bothers me is that can't find any apps(free one !) and guys got Kingston 8gb Class 4 for 600 bucks only ! :P

  • Anonymous

its a great phone indeed

  • sachin

thanks anonymous for replying
Firstly i need multimedia
Secondly i am not a big intenet user but i like applications and android is providing many apps but android phones do not support tv out exept galaxy s but it is out of my budget
What should i do?
Plz reply

  • atul

Samsung S8530 Wave II IS NOW ON 3RD NO. ON RANKING .........:)))))))))
we can beat galaxy if everyone supports.......

  • Anonymous

sachin, 17 Jan 2011thanks asgme for the reply I am confused with wave and c7 and a... moreU can go for android or bada. At first u have to ponder what is ur need. If u need multimedia entertaining phone then go for wave or if application and internet browsing is ur first priority then go for any android device but dont go for nokia,boring design,cheap and outdated symbian os and I think so pricey with that bakwaaaaaaaaas specification. M I right guys?

  • Anonymous

got the fw update few days ago (ka1) and now im having "page too large" problems almost everytime i search/comnment on sites like facebook..sammy!!! what are trying to do?!

  • Furysniper

@all Have you tried test the TV Out Cable for your Wave II if it works? I was in Samsung Store and tested the TV Out Cable, it works in S8500(Wave I) but it doesn't work in my S8530 (Wave II). Does it have to do with firmware difference or is there specific cable model for S8530 (Wave II)? Can anyone confirm? Thanks in Advance.

  • marc_tan

i want to know the difference of bada os compare to android.Is this phone good in internet browsing or it can be use as a modem gor internet? plz..someone give me info...I think the price is good enough and its camera features.. i am after the performance of its internet as a modem if possible..

  • sachin

ok asgme but what u think
Should i consider an android phone before finally buying it
As wave has bada os and its really restricting me

  • ritish

Does any one know how to change the internal settings in samsung wave 2. In wave 1 this can be changed, But i tried in wave 2 but it was not working. Do any one know how to chnge

  • asgme

sachin, 17 Jan 2011thanks asgme for the reply I am confused with wave and c7 and a... moreI do not have much idea about the new Galaxy but this Wave II is far ahead of C7.

  • sachin

thanks asgme for the reply
I am confused with wave and c7 and also now samsung galaxy 551 is out in market and my mind is slightly in favour of this phone bcz it has android so can u just help me which phone should i buy

  • asgme

RoYaL, 17 Jan 2011Got the black version for 17.3 K at Kolkata, absolutely loving i... moreYeah, u r right. I'm basically 4m Kolkata as well.

You can get the Sandisk 16GB Class 4 MicroSDHC at Chandni Chowk, Kolkata at this price or even below.

  • asgme

sachin, 17 Jan 2011hi, I want to buy this phone but i am confused with c7 and wave... moreThe loud speaker of the Wave II is not too good while in call.

But the speaker is really good while listening any music or watching a movie.