Samsung S8530 Wave II

Samsung S8530 Wave II

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  • sam

gprs class 10 and edge class 10 for such a hefty price tag ?? u ve got to be kidding me..
phones worth half its price have gprs class 32 !!

  • AdvanceUser

Stop those early judgement about new Super LCD developed by Samsung. All of u must read first this comparison by mobile-review:­ki-89-en.shtml#5

As u see, Super LCD has more brilliant picture than sAmoled in Wave.. And sAmoled in Galaxy S can't even match a little, because Android doesn't support hardware accelerator to modify preproducing image using DNIe technology by Samsung.

Be positive, people! Samsung is the leading innovative technology in mobile gadget, and they are not sleeping and do nothing with the condition..

I'm sure this is a nice news for people who hadn't tasted Wave I.. =)

  • rajesh

Javeed jalaal, 18 Oct 2010I thought samsung wave 2 wud be 3.5' super amoled,bigger battery... moreu requred anaroid u go with galaxy

  • WaveAddict

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2010Why not a WAVE with android os? Oh come on samsung....If u want Samsung's smartphone with its latest high tech specification like Wave that run on Android, buy Galaxy S! Or another series of Galaxy with same spec..

Wave is series of smartphone made by Samsung with Bada as its' OS..

  • daniel

dissapointed with the wave 2 specs. i have a wave 8500. gps does not work its sad to say it cant even find my position. lol.
battery life is really bad. and one more addition. bada SUCKS

  • cooza

Jack, 19 Oct 2010Wave series is on bada loserface. Also, the specifications aren'... moredude i agree.i quite like this phone and i also have the s8500.the only real changes apart from the size are the screen(which isnt as bad as people think) and the hspda,which isnt a big deal to most normal users.i wouldnt mind having could have put a super amoiled screen in.its a marketing thing.wait six months more and yourll see one with an s-amoled screen after everyone has bought this one.i bet there will still be people complaining about it when it comes out too.

  • Jack

Javeed jalaal, 18 Oct 2010I thought samsung wave 2 wud be 3.5' super amoled,bigger battery... moreWave series is on bada loserface. Also, the specifications aren't down graded to me. You just expect different features, and if they aren't there, it doesn't mean they're downgraded.

  • cooza

Javeed jalaal, 18 Oct 2010I thought samsung wave 2 wud be 3.5' super amoled,bigger battery... morethe wave series will probably never have android as its the name/phone that they are using to promote will continue with the galaxy series.

  • Bling

I had Wave since a few months, super great phone. Don't need a bigger, heavier one...especially since Bada 1.2 will come to Wave soon.

  • Hansen

I need "FM Transmitter" not "FM Recorder"

  • Javeed jalaal

I thought samsung wave 2 wud be 3.5' super amoled,bigger battery,android OS.But what we got is downgraded specs.3G supports only speeds upto 3.5 mbps...I wish wave was available with android.It wud have been unbeatable combination.

  • IROC

Any people having battery issues might like to try setting their activesync to manual. My phone would go flat overnight but after trying this the phone now lasts for days.

  • hayato

Hello guys, is s-lcd different from super clear lcd? If it's the same, i suggest that the specs should be updated, it's confusing when you are using two different terms for the same reference.

Y'know, i really don't prefer the wave 1's 3.3 inch screen, why they don't make it 3.5 at least? And now they're making a 3.7inch screen but without the superamoled technology that makes the wave 1 a success!?

  • Anonymous

Differences of Wave and Wave II.
Please leave your comments
Dimensions 123.9 x 59.8 x 11.8 mm
Weight 135 g
Type Super Clear LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size 480 x 800 pixels, 3.7 inches
Scratch-resistant oleophobic surface
OS Bada OS 1.2
Java Music recognition
Thanking you in advance

  • Anonymous

Could you please clarify what are the differences of Wave I and Wave II ? I am so confused with all these comments. Please try to be as clear as possible. I am wondering if I shall buy Wave I these days or wait to buy Wave II next month. Thanking you in advance.

  • Anonymous

anonymous, 16 Oct 2010can someone tell me what is the difference of this to samsung wa... morethe os is a upgraded version. its bada os 1.2. an upgradation of previous bada OS in wave1

  • cooza

anonymous, 16 Oct 2010can someone tell me what is the difference of this to samsung wa... morethe 2 main and possible only real differences are that the wave1 has a super amoled display and the hspda is 7.2mpbs where as the wave2 has a sc-lcd screen and an hspda of only 3.6mpbs.if your not into tethering your phone to your pc and you dont mind sc-lcd the wave2 is still a good screens arnt bad and you can check it out on youtube but if you have the wave1 like me its hard to go back to a normal screen after useing super amoled.the other main factor with this phone is its expected price which seems to be way to high for the changed features as you can get the wave1 for practically the same price or even less now that its been in the market a few months.although i like the size of the screen on the wave2.if they drop the price i still might be tempted to try for the new bada os update,the wave1 will get it through kies at the end of november.

  • anonymous

can someone tell me what is the difference of this to samsung wave I??? coz when I compared the 2 phones, the features are pretty much the same and I think the only difference is that the wave II has a good lcd w/c is not a big factor...

  • Anonymous

I have had this handset for less than a month, i noticed on the first day that the headphones, and ignored it,thinking that if i buy one from the shop it would be okay, but to my surprise, it was not working. i have to charge the battery everyday, at times the phone switches off itself. sometimes I may be making important phone calls it just cuts in the middle of the conversation. I have a worst experience with this phone. face value its very good but

  • Jet user

not superamoled, no glass resistive. Wave2 switch to super clear LCD. the first brand use super Clear LCD is HTC. superamoled is much better to superclear LCD. because superclear LCD is enhancement of TFT LCD. pleased samsung dont desegrade spec and features, you know wave s8500, Galaxy S is the no.1 hits worldwide. goodluck. samsung fan let see what happened nextyear 2011.