Samsung tests 2x portrait mode option for the Galaxy S23 Ultra

Ivan, 19 May 2023

Samsung is testing a 2x option for the Galaxy S23 Ultra's portrait mode. The rumored mode was spotted by Ice universe in a test firmware for the S23 Ultra.

The 2x mode will use a 50MP crop from the 200MP main camera, which will then be brought down to 12MP. It joins the 1x and 3x options - the first using the main sensor, and the latter using the native 3x camera. Those are around 23mm and 70mm, adding a 2x with about a 50mm equivalent will result in more flattering portraits.

2x portrait mode, image source:  Ice universe 2x portrait mode, image source: Ice universe

The update is reportedly some 1.5GBs in size and is being finalized for release sometime by the end of May or the beginning of June. It will bring general improvements to the cameras. No word yet on whether Samsung will bring a 2x portrait mode option to other premium Galaxy phones.


Reader comments

I love Samsung S23 ultra It's my dream device and I hope the dream come through

samsung already did lossless digital zoom in s20 and s21 series. 64mp could go up to 3x. 50mp can easily handle 2x lossless zoom.they should bring 2x zoom level for all s22 and s23 series.

  • Neph
  • 21 May 2023
  • 6jx

I feel like they are pretending only Ultra variant exists. Bananagate issue has spreaded across the globe and they are adding new feature to Ultra model, where vanilla and plus variants have that critical hardware issue. Pathethic.

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