Samsung U800 Soul b

Samsung U800 Soul b

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  • lee

hello, i jsut buy this unit recntly, any body knows how to use front camera? tnx

  • Hindustani

I purchased a U800E Soul Gray in India. Last week. Three things differ from the actual specifications.

1. There is no "My World" theme in the phone.

2. The secondary "Video Call" VGA camera is missing.

3. The built-in memory is only 40MB instead of 1GB.

A bit of advice to the Indian buyers, think before you leap.

  • Anonymous

fantatic phone

  • jasmine

does the front camera take picture ?

  • Farooq

Does anyone know how loud this phone is?
and has it got good sound quality?

  • J.

Yes mine U800 is very slow... very stupid...

  • confused

I have a prepaid sidekick slide. if I were to switch the sim cards, would I get the same services on this phone?

  • Anonymous

Just a question, are samsung phones' interface not that fast? I like u600 but the interface lagged.

  • howard

Does anyone know how to remove the clock and date from the front screen please?

  • :::AK:::

well, I've red most of opinions about this phone so I'll try to say my opinion as short as I can
I will start with the design & the cover, this phone has metallic cover which gives it high quality & nice feeling that the phone will be save if you drop it from your hand( NOKIA make metallic phones recently with E-series but this phone is better), the size, shape , buttons & weight is magnificent , its gives a unique looks for the phone on table or hand.
the menu is not that complicated, it's almost similar to SONYERICSSON menu, anybody can be used to it, the music player is wonderful & the OS (Operating System) is nice & strong, the HSDPA is great.
I used to have NOKIA & SONYERICSSON , its true that NOKIA batteries live longer but that dosen't make it better,if some NOKIA have better features, some SAMSUNG have more better features (check INNOV8 & OMNIYA )
the problem in NOKIA is the weak Symbian OS, SAMSUNG & SONYERICSSON have better OS.
SONYERICSSON problem is the weak design & phone cover quality (most of phones made in China),cheap manufactured with expensive price.
In conclusion, this phone has a lot of features, great software,hot design in suitable price.

  • N fan

pusa, 22 Oct 2008to all samsung lovers out there and also to those who are not..e... moreI just like samsung phone generally. it has features, all with affordable cheap price, compared with Nokia.....But unfortunately, it's samsung, samsung and samsung...a second class phone image. I wish it was Nokia. Sorry.

For Nokia, the best first class brand! Unfortunately, you are so expensive. With the same features, Nokia has a higher tag.

  • gaurav

can anyone tell me is dis 3G mobile? if any 1 know abt nokia e51 den plz advise me dat e51 is better or u800?

  • pusa

to all samsung lovers out there and also to those who are not..every brands of phones have different features..i've been using nokia phones for such a long time, even other brands like sony, motorola, and phones have very long battery life unlike the other brands..and nokia, sony, motorola phones are very easy to use, i admit that, even a 1 yr old child can operate juz joking..first time that i use a samsung phone, i admit it's very have to read first the manual to fully operate the phone..unlike on nokia phones and can find the descriptions right there on your phone..but on samsung you're on your own..that's why i like it..many features are hidden and it's up to you to find out..and i find it exciting..the battery life of samsung phones are so annoying..yeah! especially if your last phone was a much adjustment..people out there who finds it hard to fit in with the battery life of samsung..i advised ya to buy an extra battery see after i used samsung phones..whenever i get the feelin of buying a new will be the only brand for me..fits my style and fits my life..because there designs were so unique..never stops fascinating you..but you see all phones have flaws, juz admit phones rock!

  • jacobeth

i love the phone,colours(purple)everything about it its perfect

  • marius

when I first saw it i thought that I am looking at Nokia 6500 classic

  • Anonymous

Steve, 20 Oct 2008I have a Samsung U800, the display at first was appauling in dir... morethanks for that steve, i'm definitely getting the U800!!

  • Steve

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2008I am very tempted to buy this phone, but I have read on other re... moreI have a Samsung U800, the display at first was appauling in direct sunlight, though I later found out I could adjust the LCD brightness. On 100%, it tends to last about 48 hours, however I'm always on MSN so this reduces it to about 24. Also, it depends what theme you use. A theme with a black background tends to shade the entire screen, yet the default theme (white/orange) is fantastic in sunlight. I hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

I am very tempted to buy this phone, but I have read on other reviews that the display is unusable in direct sunlight. Is this true?

  • cecille

hello, i jsut buy this unit recntly, any body knows how to use front camera? tnx

  • Anonymous

What about headset, are they good. what is the sound quality, does the earphone tend to slip from ears. what abt battery life