Samsung U800 Soul b

Samsung U800 Soul b

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  • Lilo

QCIF video at 15 fps ? Hahahahahaha !!!! My samsung from 4 years can do CIF at 18fps. Wake up Samsung , new models should be better, not worse.

  • Manu

A beautifully crafted handset,surely can get 10 on 10 as far as d design is cocerned,but not up 2 d mark in specification if compared to nokia,but still samsung has immensly improved wid dere spec section in comparison wid other giants(excluding Nokia).Common Samsung!!Keep it up....!!..Goin gud mate:-)..

  • rakeb

type good .samsung soul b ,made in korea also lg but nokia finlad ok .samsung 3.15 mp to type bar very Nice

  • Anonymous

Koool Samsung Soul b will available in 5 colors thats great
Soul Grey, Platinum Silver, Metallic Black, Soul Pink and Amethyst Violet , (sntradersonline mentiond it)

  • Anonymous


samsung you're rock

so nice

thank you sammy

  • tim

nice design

  • Motoad

Great and Slim phone. Hoped that it would run s60 OS, but it's body is great, one thing that will make me buy it.

  • ck

make some quad!!!! dang it!