Samsung U800 Soul b

Samsung U800 Soul b

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  • Anonymous

MKZO, 31 Mar 2010how good is the sound of the phone?Very good , surprisingly for Samsung - bitrate of tanscoding is very high . But not top of the top :)

  • Nightbreed

MKZO, 31 Mar 2010how good is the sound of the phone?To get the underscore click on options then choose input method --- then click on symbols then click on the 8. your underscore is there. :)

  • MKZO

how good is the sound of the phone?

  • Anonymous

i cann't find underscore(_)when i need to write my email,can any one tell me....??!!

  • rhedge_philippines

eva, 23 Mar 20104 months??,, going strong DUDE!!!!!!actually for 5months already on april 1, 2010....

  • eva

4 months??,, going strong DUDE!!!!!!

  • Jayden

I saw a review on youtube that the videos recorded cannot be used in a computer, is it true?

which is better, U800 or L700? i cant decide..!

  • rhedge_philippines

ronaldus, 05 Mar 2010theres no night mode on the phone. Grrr. u just have to turn on ... moreyeah i agree.... no option for night mode but you have to set the flash on...great photos during with my unit for 4 months already ....

  • anonymous

Does anybody knows if samsung u800 Soul b support listening the radio that I listen on my computer ?

  • pretTy DeMon

question to all aware users...will i be using my phone on downloading at how much? or i will download it via pc connectivities??

  • ronaldus

theres no night mode on the phone. Grrr. u just have to turn on the flash and set the contrast to -100. hehe. night photos are still stupid. day photos excellent. wish it has autofocus

  • malditah_02_

can someone help me to set my camera for night mode...

  • maLditah

can someone give me the best settings for my U800 camera for night mode,,thanx

  • soulb

atisfied u800 soul b user here. i've used the phone for 5months now and i never experienced any problem with it except for one which is tolerable though.
it only stores 500 text messages which is very irritating that i have to delete from time to time when i reach the 500sms limit.

the built is good. camera is great.
plus the 1Gb internal memory. awesome specs for very low price.

  • jokermania

mALditaH, 26 Feb 2010where can i download themes and games for this unit,,? please helpu can download at

  • jokermania

at first i had hard time to navigate this phone,coz im a nokia user for a long time.i bought this phone last december 2009,early january i discovered that the battery has a defect so i need to go samsung center in sm annex,they changed it and im quiet satisfied now.but my problem now is when i started to navigate, it takes SECONDS b4 i navigate the main has a great specifications.the sounds not so loud,but the pictures has a great result,light to handle,the housing that i really love the most, coz its made of metal.

  • mALditaH

where can i download themes and games for this unit,,? please help

  • KRinG_02_

i bought my U800 last nov. 2009, at first im not satisfied with the unit,not great quality of sounds, not that loud unlike other units but when i started browsing my phone ireally like it, specially its camera.. and memory that i can store

  • lhoi

Ijust bought today and but ganun ang hina nang signal sa smart

  • Cristian

Guys,practcly when appearing on the market this model of phone?Somebody knows that?