Samsung U900 Soul

Samsung U900 Soul

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  • vietxquangstah

AJ, 08 Jan 2009Can someone please tell me - the buttons around the touch screen... moreThey are regular keys and need to be pressed.

  • AJ

Can someone please tell me - the buttons around the touch screen, are they touch sensitive to or do they actually need to be pressed? thanks :)

  • cargo

gsmReader, 06 Jan 2009I have the phone for 2 months now and the slider and whole phone... morethanx for u're reply,u helped me a lot to decide,i bought the phone but i didn't buy a shield,I guess I only have to be carefull with it & I will certainly do that.
Samsung Nokia easily!!!

  • gsmReader

cargo, 06 Jan 2009Can some1 tell me how is the slider spring mech? does it start t... moreI have the phone for 2 months now and the slider and whole phone itself feels solid. It's hard to explain, you actually need to feel the phone in your hand, the metallic body gives it a nice weight and certainly doesn't feel cheap.

I heard from other reviews that it does get easily scratched, which is what I was worried about. At the same time I ordered the Soul, I also ordered the InvisibleShield (full body) for it, and both arrived on the same day. If you like Secret's anti-scratch tempered glass, putting the a full body Invisible Shield is like putting anti-scratch on the whole phone (it's clear and like 0.2mm thick so it didn't affect the look of my phone.) Even though my phone is 2 months old, it's scratch free and still looks like I got it yesterday.

  • cargo

Can some1 tell me how is the slider spring mech? does it start to shake or not work as the way it did? I had some experience with this kind of problem,the slider shakes. Also is the screen easily scratchable because I wanna buy a phone which can last me a longer time,that is why I had my mind on the LG Secret but I found out that is not that good compared to samsung(in functionality that is),so can someone answer my questions? cheers!!!:)

  • BJD

I got this phone as a '08 Christmas gift! I chose the Platinum silver, as a review mentioned this colour will not make scrtches very visble [on the plastic bits]. thankfully, the two soft keys and answer and decline call keys around the touch panel are mechanical.
Looks beautiful in the stainless steel body which has already survived a er, rather small 2ft drop. As a owner of two previous samsungs, I know them to survive drops from the height that you hold a phone in your hand. its also got good weight and broad enough for my long fingered hands...
UI is very well planned with simple menu icons that are well-spaced and the best part of the UI is of course the Theme creator. the easy version of it is not very useful. The expert level has more options. The user interface is just very well done.
Camera: it has a video call camera in front. The main 5 MP camera also has a mirror and Power LED flash by its side. the so called -Power- LED is.. well, powerful and comparable to xenon and better cuz you can use this in video as well. quality is pretty good if you have contrast on -50 (thats negative fifty!), Saturation on +50 and Sharpness on centre (0) or +50.
MP3 is clear and loud. Its Bang and Olufsen sound system. You can add up to 8GB SD card (although my friend has a 16GB in his and working well).
To cope with poor battery life, I charge the phone by plugging the phone to my PCs USB port witht he USB transfer cable and it charges but you can't access the file manager on the phone cuz its in PC mode now. but it [the battery] will last for two [and a half] days once fully charged.
Its an awesome phone and me loves the thing!!! ;)

  • BJD

Cha , 06 Jan 2009hi.. got my new U900 last december 30, 2008 and im wondering if ... moreWell, the battery life of this phone isn't going to impress many. But this tip might help if you work on the computer a lot. I do, and I just plug the phone in using the USB transfer cable into a USB port on my computer and it charges. It [the phone] does go into PC mode and you can still operate everything except the File Manager. Thing is, the phone won't show any signs that its completely charged or not when in PC mode but I don't have a big prob with that. it does allow me to use the phone a little longer in the day. Not saying you HAVE to follow this but its just something I do to cope with the battery life. Haven't used my actual charger in a long time...

  • Cha

hi.. got my new U900 last december 30, 2008 and im wondering if anyone got problem on the battery? my phone easily get low batt.. can't use it for 2 days.. what should i do? how long should i charged it? Hope anyone could help me.. thanks..

  • gWulbs

Art, 05 Jan 2009I currently have this phone for over 3 month now. I mainly bough... moreIs the mp3 volume really loud enough..? Hmmm..this makes me reconsider this phone, coz I'm planning to get SE W595 instead, if the mp3 volume of u900 is very low.. Loud enough and Clear sound quality is what I'm looking for..

  • Art

I currently have this phone for over 3 month now. I mainly bought for the looks and secondary functionality. I really like it, it's very stylish and responsive, battery life is good despite some reviews, both mp3 player and camera work without issues. I was skeptical about the call volume, but bough the phone anyways, what I found the volume really varies, sometimes it's really loud and other times it's a bit low. I haven't had any major problems with the call volume, so it's not a show stopper for me. Overall I would give this phone 8/10 with call volume being the only issue. To note, ring tone and mp3 player volumes are fine.

  • philm

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2009im thinking of getting this phone , any opinions on it - what is... moreI listen to music loud and altho the u900 goes up to 14 i find 11-12 loud enuf,,i also was going to ask about the secret menu to up louspeaker/earpiece but thier was no need to its plenty loud enuf..i got 12hrs 20 minutes non stop mp3 on volume 12 thru supplied headfones and over 5 hrs full screen video so battery is fine for me..I put it next to my d900 and they are both same thickness but bit wider but this gives the fone superb texting ability,,i know people want small fones and that but using a vast size keypad like this is pleasure and hope most users agree with that..

  • philm

carfone warehouse are doing it half price at 150 minus tax relief i got mine for 146 on o2 with 10 top up.Brilliant mobile with good battery and an equaliser preset to suit everyone..It has colour pallettes so you can choose thousands of colours to customise fone to bits..ITs quality built and was over 300 pounds in uk preapay so for half that you get top samsung fone,,i love it and txting is dead easy on keypad.

  • arturo

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2009im thinking of getting this phone , any opinions on it - what is... moreis a very good phone as long thats you not spend more than 100 euro for that

  • vietxquangstah

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970I'm sure if you look on eBay there are several pink ones and they can be shipped to you in the Philippines.. eBay has all the color variations from black, grey, steel, pink, black w/ gold trim

  • Anonymous

im thinking of getting this phone , any opinions on it - what is the battery , volume like etc

  • Carina

I got the U900. It's absolutely amazing, I love it! I recommend it to all of you, it's really sleek and simple, and the touchscreen is.. kinda magic! Love it!

  • vietxquangstah

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2009How thick is the phone????Dimensions 105 x 49.5 x 12.9 mm

It is 12.9mm thick

  • gsmReader

aki, 02 Jan 2009anyone who own this phone would recommend it? as I'm thinking to... moreI have the Soul and I use it as a replacement for my old digital camera. It depends on the settings. If you put it in sports mode, it will allow the camera to take pictures faster. If you put it in night mode, it will need some time to take a picture because it is capturing as much light as possible. You can also manually change the ISO settings, exposure, white balance, etc... it really is an amazing phone, probably one of the best 5MP cell phones out there.

  • aki

anyone who own this phone would recommend it? as I'm thinking to get 1 myself. looks very cool and nice with 5mp camera,but i heard the camera a little bit slow when snapping. which means it didn't directly catch the pic u want at the right moment,and u have to hold for some moment to get it it true?

  • Anonymous

How thick is the phone????