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Samsung Vibrant

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  • Anonymous

it says here there is front facing cam but tmobile doesn't mention it and othere articles say no.
what's the truth?

  • Bruh

Wow, this is an Iphone Killer!

  • nana

it seems like the at&t and sprint versions will have flash. not sure why t-mobile gets crapped out lol

  • Anonymous

Samsung create too many Galaxy S variants....

  • Anonymous

same features as i9000 galaxy s and i897 captivate, they just change the casing. of course the 3g bands are different respectively.

  • Anonymous

is this phone coming to Uk tmobile? why did they have to channg anything on it at all?the phone was fine as it is, which may mean there's going to be problem when it needs updating

  • Sami

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2010Does someone know if the T-mo version will support HSDPA+?"The Vibrant benefits from enhanced speeds with T-Mobileís HSPA+ network, but itís not an HSPA+ device."

t-mobile officially released this. you can go ahead and take a look. the hspa+ is the third bullet.­msung-Vibrant-An-Early-FAQ/td-p/402865

  • Anonymous

Does someone know if the T-mo version will support HSDPA+?

  • Marcelo L

1. No forward facing camera. Anyone with eyes can see from the photograph it's not there. It was pretty blatant on the Galaxy S that it was there, it's not present on the Vibrant.

2. No flash of any sort even though it's a given that any self-respecting higher end Android phone has a flash. ( Even the lowly Behold II has a flash. C'mon people. )

3. The keypad is significantly different than the Galaxy S'.

A Galaxy S is a Galaxy S, this is not a Galaxy S. It's a Vibrant. They may have some specs in common, but they are not the same phone. Move along, people.

  • tortionist

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2010What do you think? Everything is a copy of iPhone? No one gives ... moreThe I-phone was a fashion/fad. People are beginning to realize this.I've personally converted a few people over from the I-phone to the G-1. The I-phone will eventually stop selling. Steve jobs is too greedy and doing it all wrong. Tying yourself to one carrier(especially AT&T) is a death wish waiting to happen.

  • tortionist

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2010By your logic, every phone with a screen is a copy of the iphone... moreI agree. The I-phone is way out of its league and i'd never own one, unless they got some awesome new technology that no one else has. I-phone sucks, even the G-1 by HTC was faster than the I-phone 3GS. How sad is that....That HTC's first Android phone was faster and did more than the I-phone 3GS. It took Apple 4 versions of the I-phone to get it even close to the G-1, which is a 1st generation Android phone.

  • Anonymous

I want the sprint version as the gsm version =(

  • Anonymous

Actually T-Mobile didn't leave it EXACTLY the same. As you can see the buttons on the bottom are different then the original, other than that its pretty much the same. Although I'm not sure if T-Mobile kept the front facing camera or not... :/

  • soraxd

this IS the Galaxy S, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon are all getting a version of the Galaxy S, AT&T removed the front camera, and gave it a fatter build, Sprint added a qwerty keyboard, camera shutter key, and LED flash, and T-Mobile chose to leave it in its original state, no official word from Verizon yet.

  • Stuntman

It's quite coincidental that the specs are practically the same as the Galaxy. I'll be interested to see what changes as more info becomes available.

  • Anonymous

Hutan, 22 Jun 2010a phone like the normal galaxy S? for what?!?!It's not like T-MOBILE is clearly written above the screen...

  • Anonymous

Nick, 22 Jun 2010Copy of galaxy s and samsung i897 captivate Wrong way from sam... moreSo? they're allowed to re-use their own designs. And this phone is meant to be the T-mobile version of the Galaxy S, not a new phone. Just like there was the i900 Omnia (GSM Version) and the i910 Omnia (CDMA version)

  • Anonymous

iphone forever, 22 Jun 2010looks good because its a blatent copy of the iphoneBy your logic, every phone with a screen is a copy of the iphone. Well here's some news for you buddy, no one gives a f*ck about the iphone, look at it's ratings here, it's averaging a 7.5, whilst the Galaxy S is averaging 8.7. Iphone is old and lame, it is the exact opposite of revolutionary, even the new iphone 4 is already outdated, months before its release.. how sad is that?

  • Haseeb

All samsung Phones seems to be with same specs.

  • Nick

Copy of galaxy s and samsung i897 captivate
Wrong way from samsung. only design is different. Not good