Samsung Vibrant

Samsung Vibrant

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  • Nick

Copy of galaxy s and samsung i897 captivate
Wrong way from samsung. only design is different. Not good

  • Anonymous

iphone forever, 22 Jun 2010looks good because its a blatent copy of the iphoneWhat do you think? Everything is a copy of iPhone? No one gives a damn about iPhone anymore, iPhone looks boring, iOS is so cheap looking, iPhone is out of competition.

  • lol

actually, who cares about galaxy S with different name?

  • iphone forever

xtq, 22 Jun 2010Looks good.looks good because its a blatent copy of the iphone

  • Hutan

a phone like the normal galaxy S? for what?!?!

  • AlX

Almost identical to the I9000 Galaxy S. But lets hope it's a little bit cheaper...

  • LoL

Another new phone from samsung??

  • xtq

Looks good.