Samsung will reportedly launch Galaxy P30 for Chinese market with LCD displays

Enrique, 24 September 2018

New reports of a Samsung Galaxy mid-range device have surfaced. The new devices, dubbed the Galaxy P30 and Galaxy P30+ (with a supposed model number of SM-G6200) will launch exclusively for the Chinese smartphone market.

These rumors are still somewhat fresh - initial reports from @MMDDJ on Twitter claimed that they’d be the first Samsung devices to have in-display fingerprint scanners but newer rumors say these devices will boast LCD panels. It is generally known that the in-display fingerprint technology is incompatible with LCD panels.

We’ve only seen this tech work on OLED displays since they are thin enough to let the optical signals pass through. According to the same report, JDI apparently makes a new kind of in-display fingerprint reader that is designed to work with LCD displays but we’re not really counting on this being the case for Samsung’s mid-range devices. It’s not as if Samsung is short of OLED displays to require a different in-display fingerprint sensor that will work with LCDs. There’s something off here.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is currently rumored to be the first to use Qualcomm’s ultrasonic in-display scanner, which would use frequency waves to read the fingerprint. Current implementations are optical, which Samsung believes are vulnerable to lighting conditions and affect the display’s image reproduction.

In any case, Samsung’s China-only Galaxy P30 and Galaxy P30+ might launch as early as next month. This is where we might ironically point out that Motorola released an iPhone X look-alike in China with the same name: the Moto P30. We wonder if this means we’ll see Samsung make an iPhone X look-alike and we wonder if such device would have a notch or not.

In any case, should Samsung get the latest in-display fingerprint working for a mid-ranger in China, it could get a leg up on its Chinese competitors on their own turf. Rumors have been saying that we might expect such tech in the Samsung Galaxy S10, which is going to receive a notable update to hardware and design from the S8 and S9 duos.

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Ah I see. As for the name.... IDK, I guess it's meant to show exclusivity for the Chinese Marley?

  • AnonD-632062
  • 25 Sep 2018
  • 3YY

What is the obsession with the "P30" name?

Huawei P30 is the upcoming P series model that will be released next year. Both Moto P30 & Samsung P30 are using that name to get some additional sales in China. (Notice how these phones are China-exclusive & not releasing world-wide... also ...

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