Samsung pushes Galaxy Fold launch beyond July

Ro, 14 June 2019

Just last week a Samsung official hinted at a possible July launch of the Galaxy Fold but today we are getting more bad news. The statement comes from the company itself and denies July release.

It was suggested that Samsung will be holding a media briefing very soon and during the event will announce a release date for the handset. The firm's spokesperson, however, said that if there was a media briefing planned for the following weeks, we would have heard something about it.

So it appears that the foldable smartphone announced alongside the Galaxy S10 series might not even beat the Galaxy Note10 to the shelves.



Reader comments

Samsung, rethink that chunky and not fully flush closing design before you proceed with V2. Take a hint from Huawei's MateX, not a copy like you did with the Note10...

" You're stupid if you think they'd just cancel it after all the money they've sunk into the product. " ...and you know that because thousands of companies put millions and billions into R&D only to chuck the prototype(s) in the bin ( trash...

  • from a logic view

I for say Samsung made the right call for the callback of their fold it obviously has a glaring flaw that needs to be fixed before releasing it to the public. If released as is Samsung's name will go to the gutter. I'm now no longer surprised of the ...