Samsung Z140

Samsung Z140

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  • Abi

i have a problem with this telephone.the problem is:i don't have a program to take a logo or a video from an internet and don't have a program to take pfotos from my phone to my computer.
Please can you help me?

  • Lorenzo

I had this phone for a year until it was stolen out of bag in bar. Besides having a great apperance, say it looked very elegant, its performance was in average very good, even the rotary camera wasn't bad at all. What i think was not exactly high fidelity was its MP3 player, at least for audio files. Videos were ok... most samsung models asfrom 2 years or so have great display resolution and SGH-Z140V was not an exception. T9 learning feature was something poor. Good speakers and enough volumen. Great phone for those who don't need more than an elegant appliance with intense and brilliant image definition.

  • michael

yeah i would also like to know how to put java apps on the phone please help me! please?

  • wooj

Hi!! I have question about that telepfone!!
Is Samsung Z140V ,a new version of Z140 ???

  • phloryn

does anyone knows how you can put games on this phone.thanks

  • Silviu

I own a Samsung z140 and I think is not so worst like the other said. Is verry elegant and even if he don't have so much functions, the sound is good, the memory big enough, camera-what to ask from a vga? and the battery is performant(2-3 days in my case- maybe I'm the luky one who take one of the best from this models...)

  • Xtof

I bought this phone last year...a real piece of @#@#@# !!! The worst phone ever. Poor battery, poor sound, full of bugs, you must switch off the 3G features otherwise it freezes like windows 95 ! Not even alarm works ! A real shame...I bought a L7 from Motorola. 10000 better ! My advice to those who wonder if they should buy it...don't !!! Buy something else, it always will be better !

  • Anonymous

I own tis kind of phone, I don't have anything with SAMSUNG company but this telephone realy sucks. My battery is verry poor (1;1,5 days) and when I'm surfing on the web it gets hotter and restart it happend the same thing when I have a longer call

As a user of this phone I advice you that don't buy this phone!!! You can buy another, better telephone at the same price as an MOTOROLA E1000 I use this phone too, and (excepting the joystick and battery) is the best phone ever, and belive me, I KNOW!!!

  • Anonymous

i am trying to set my message tone but it only gives the opitions of the tones already on. how do i use my own tones as a message tone? please help

  • obione

how do you get it to work.....
i turn my phone on get the samsung logo,
then vodo logo then reboots to the same loop,
samsung logo,vodo logo,
is there a way to reset????

  • Anonymous

can ne1 tell me plz how to get pc studios 2.1 to work, my pc doesnt reconigse my fone. wen i go in to the file manager none of my phones files r there, and my bluetooth is off! plz help.

  • Mircione

This phone are the battery wery bad!!!!1-1,2 day is wery little! Also is allright!!Please give the battery more power!!!tankyou!

  • Yashito

> < Also ~ [sorry to be annoying] But, when I try and download a video onto my phone, it doens't download the whole thing o.O;; Can someone tell me why? Thankyou ^___^ xxx

  • Yashito

I am only able to put 5 songs onto the phone ;___;
I've read that everyone else can have like, 10-15 ... does anyone know why?
Thankyou ^ ^

  • Crammit

Has anyone had any luck with using this phone as a Bluetooth Modem for a Laptop or PDA?


I just got this phone and its amazing.
- 1st of all - if you want to put movies on your phone convert them intro 3gp format. They will be smaller (i used ImTOO 3GP Video Converter 3)
- About the wallpaper size. its 176x147, so resize your wallpapers to this size.
- The camera can be set from low quality to high quality like iso800 from the settings / aplications / camera.
- I know that at 1st when you try to make a photo its upside down. Press the buttons on the left (the ones you use to lower volume)
- Didnt test the battery yet, but seems ok.
- Install all the software from the cd (i didnt use the internet thingy)
- get the usb intro the computer ONLY AFTER YOU INSTALLED THE SOFTWARE, then into the phone. Wait a bit to connect.
- To put mp3 and other stuff click the folders to expand.
thats about it :D

  • vixter72

Does anyone knows how to change the sound of the schedules? The alarm/cuckoo sounds is driving me crazy! otherwise i really like this phone.

  • Anonymous

can i watch tv in 3g network in bulgaria

  • Mobile Abuser!

Anyone who chooses to own this phone at ones free will should really go visit the shrink! I have already booked my appointment...

  • she dies

can anyone tell me how could i fix the problem of the "wake up alarm".
It doesn't ring everytime.