Samsung Z140

Samsung Z140

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  • Anonymous

mary, look just below the picture of the phone. click 'manual'

  • boby bignob

this phone is gd but i thought it would have loads of memory but it comes with all these rubbish songs and you cant delete them so i was only able 2 put on about 10songs

  • Anonymous

very soon I will have that phone and I want to know is this phone good

  • mary

does any1 know were i can download a user manual 4 the z140

  • cristian

this phone is very good at this price and at what it offers ,and i encuredge everyone to buy one.


please send software for samsung sgh-z140 model

  • Yashito

Hi ^ ^ I am having a problem downloading MP3's onto my phone ~ it says "ACCESS DENIED, PLEASE SELECT ANOTHERFILE" or something like that ... please help >

  • Anonymous

about the camera when its upside down just press the silver up button on the side and it should change so that its upright and visversa

  • Kez

Plz help. I am mobile retarded. I am trying to dump photos to my PC - I have put the software on my PC, and bluetooth is not on, but it doesn't recognize my phone. ie When I open PC studio, the top portion is my PC, and the bottom portion which should be my phone is blank. Plz help!!!

  • Broky

hi i have a problem. when i turn on the camera and it is turned to me the view on the display is up side down.
please tell me how to fix that mean problem!

  • Yashito

^__^ Hi, I was just wondering ~ you know the camera can change to face front or back? Is there an electronic way of doing that, or, do I have to do it? [hopefully getting this phone XD]

  • Dave

Craig...I had the same problem sending and recieving picture messages so I rang vodafone and they sent me some new settings via text and that sorted it...sometime they alter the software and you have to upgrade it..give them a ring and they will sort it straight the way for you.

  • Dave

Yes you can have vibrate only ring only or vibrate and do this go to profiles and choose to edit and you will see the options.

  • Dave

The only way to turn off those annoying beeps is to turn the sound down to nil..using the side key.

  • The_Boss

I have a question: how do I turn off thoese annoing beeps when u are in the main menu? Thank's

  • berthe

does this fone have vibrating and ringing options at same time?

  • craig

i have this phone and i use to be able to send pics but now it comes up with send failed unknown error. anyone know how to fix it?

  • Nick

Tommo have you installed PC Studio 2.1 that came with the phone?if so do the following,
1) Connect Phone To USB Lead
2) De-Activate Bluetooth On The Phone
3) Put Phone Back To Main Screen
4) Open Up PC Studio
5) Wait,Can be 2 mins
6) Connected Phone Sign Appears On PC
7) Drag And Drop Files
8) When Finished Re-Enable Phone Bluetooth.
Hope that helps.Nick.

  • Tommo

Good as phone, i love it but i am getting really frustrated when i hook my phone up to the computer with the usb cord, And then i go to media player and hope to be able to send songs to my phone but i cant. how do i do this, im sure it is just something simple!!!
Please Help, thanx tom
PS. otherwise i reccomend it to everyone

  • Dave

does anybody know whether you can set the sub lcd display to show all the time on the z140??? in order to view it you have to press one of the side keys and then it only shows for a short would be nice to be able to check the time without having to press the backlight everytime like you can on most basic fliptops