Samsung Z140

Samsung Z140

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  • Brett

This telephone is very good but I have one question: can i set it to automatically shut down at a certain hour? if yes, how can i do this? thank you very much!

  • Sarah-Jane

yeah ma phone had that problem too.. but its stoped now so yeah i dunno...

  • Andy

To John: If you head over to gsmarena for ZV10 (i think phone is similar to Z1400) then someone has put up great way to change your Text Message tone to mp3 and Alarm tone to mp3 (instead of mmf) and I reckon it might work for your Z140. :­7.php


  • Anonymous

is anybody else having problems sending mms messages i cannot send or recieve them at the moment i rang vodafone and they say there is a problem with z140's and d500's at the moment and they are trying to rectify the matter

  • nanci

i ahve teh same problem not receiving call and also make call :(((( does anybody knows?

  • Anonymous

Both of my son's and my Z140 continually had that problem,rectified by them upgrading the software,since then no probs.Hope that helps.Nick.

  • Jane

Does anyone know many songs can I download onto the MP3?


  • peter

does anyone else have trouble with their phone not receiving phone calls. the phone message says "this persons phone is currently unavailable". please help!!!!!!

  • zamir

could someone tell me, does this fone take GOOD pictures and film great ? i have no idea about, i just wanna know, cause i'm going to buy new fone

  • Kitkat

why can't i make a Video call ???Help

  • Anonymous

As far as I know the G symbol means that you are in a 3G area and are capable of holding a 3G Video phonecall,when it flickers off you are not able to make the 3G call,depends on your location.Nick.

  • John

does anyone know if you can customise the ALARM sounds too, the ones on there are pretty bad... also if anyone knows a way to set your own sounds for txt messages, that'd be great too.. :o))

Thanks in advance.

  • John

to extend the battery life of your fone, set the Network Mode to GSM900/1800 that way it wont go searching.. and turn off the Vibrating alert if you're getting txt messages all the time...

  • Robert

Can anyone help me. On top of my phone is a little G which has waves on it while the net is on. When the G is there without waves, will i be charged for being on the net?? If so how to I keep it off. It always comes on and off.

  • Nick

You should be turning your bluetooth OFF prior to connecting to PC Studio,not ON.

  • Rudey

By the way, how do u change the fone to 2G pleez.

  • Rudey

Hi, wen i connect my fone to the PC, PC Studio does not reognise it. Why could this be? By the way, I have turned my Bluetooth on pior to connecting the fone.
If I fiddle about with the "Phone Monitor Settings" under the "Settings" tab, do you think this could help solve it or will it simply make things worse?

  • Olli

and oh.. forgot to mention that I read Andy's post about java games and used my babblefish to translate the gibberish but that didn't really work out with my phone.. I seem to have a different version of pc studio than Andy has..

  • Olli

Hi everyone.. I've had z140 for a few weeks now and I've enjoyed every moment with it :P
I haven't had any problems with this phone.. it's just that.. I would love to try out some java games and the thing is .. when I download .jar & .jad files onto the phone with pc studio. I cannot run them.. I cannot "install" them .. if anyone can tell me how to do it I would appreciate it a lot..

  • Anonymous

Are you turning bluetooth off on your phone,prior to hooking up to PC Studio