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Samsung Z500

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  • jon

Hi, anyone else from Australia here with this phone? Just wondering if you purchase this phone outright, would it work automatically with a new 3G contract? (i.e. no extra setup needed or anything)


  • Anonymous

Have had my Z500 for 7 months and was generally pleased with it inspite of some problems mentioned by other people. However, now it has completly frozen and I cannot access anything on the phone. I have heard of this problem with other Samsung phones and was wondering if anyone had had this with the Z500 after they'd had it for a while?

  • TBS

Please answer my questions about this phone

1) Can it last for twelve hours of music before the battery goes flat?

2) Can it transfer a 6MB of MP3 file into the phone?

3) How many MB can take one thousand pictures?

4) How many MB can record one hour of video recording?

5) Is the camera very clear?

6) Does it come with 128MB TransFlash card once i bought this phone?

7) Is there voice recording?

8) Is the SMS user-friendly?

Please tell me more details about this phone which i have not mention it. I saw so many complaints about this phone. Does it comes with cable once i bought this phone?

  • Anonymous

where can i get free Java games for samsung z500 ?

  • harley

Everybody brags about this phone as if its a top of the line machine! I think its cr@p only 1MP camera with a tiny 2x zoom (no flash) too small for 3G & dual camera doesnt mean anything only video calling SO WHAT!
& its so $$DEAR i dont get it, more expensive than some hi powered 2MP phones that are way better than that ugly thing dont waste your money on the Z500 for my advice!!!

  • AndreCook

This is the problem, i want to now how to use the sounds I tape on my phone as ringtone! Can someone please tell me! thnks

  • ioana

i have this phone and i'm very proud of it!it really responds to all of my request,and i like his design!

  • Anonymous


Just go to

and you can download any drivers or software that you need there.


  • sam

hi its me agian please can sum1 tell me how 2 put music onto my samsung z500v because i have lost the instalation disc n it is coming up unknown device plzzzzzz sum1 help me if u no how 2 can you email me i have left my address there for you plzzzzzzz thnx in advance

  • sam

please can sum1 tell me how 2 put music onto my samsung z500v because i have lost the instalation disc n it is coming up unknown device plzzzzzz sum1 help me

  • Anonymous

I have bought this phone a week ago and have had to charge it every day. I am beginning to hate this phone because of that.

  • Anonymous

to add a photo to your contact you go to 'Contacts' then select the contact you want, then 'Edit' then 'Options' then 'Special Options' then 'Select' Picture

  • Alex

Blank Photos In Pocket...

Hey i have been reading throught the message board have have noticed a lot of people have the problem about black photos being taken in their pockets! I myself have this same problem and i have been searching for a way around this for a long time! Finally i found a way to do it so i thought i wud share it will all of your lot to help you along. What you need to do is just buy a new phone!

  • dan

im getting a z500 soon and i want to know if iy is a good phone. and also what size memory cards can you get for it?

  • Anonymous

how to put the photo in my i dun find any option to do so..thx in advance

  • darkage

i got tis phone for few month....quite ok with the function but i dunno how 2 lock the keypad n the camera so it dunno take blank n black photo when put into the pocket??..thx in advance

  • xqzme

And for those people who have blank photos taken when the phone was in their pockets... just rip the camera key off! :)))

  • xqzme

I have a question: does anybody knows ho to enable java uploader on this phone? because by default the java uploader is disabled (an anti-piracy measure i think).I've entered this code*#123580#; a menu showed up... with 9 1>debug screen, then 8>phone control, then 6>upload function, and there it is 1>enable upload funct, but it wont work: "Can't enable as Dbg Lvl low"... And i'm stuck. Need help!

  • xqzme

Files (mp3, 3gp) bigger than 6mb, u can send them over bluetooth with a bt usb dongle, but be sure u have some memory free in your phone... then u can move these files to a minisd card, to free up the phone memory. Also in the future look for a version of Mobiledit that will support Samsung z500

  • Michael

I'm still looking for a way to put videos larger than 6mb on. It's really dumb because even on older phones like the D500 can do it. Maybe use an older/newer version of PC Studio?? If you're really desperate, get a friend with a D500 (for example) to put videos on their phone and then bluetooth it across? ;p

Oh, and angela, I had the same problem a while ago. You can go
Menu-Settings-Profiles-Normal-Edit-Message alert tone-Special tone
to select a .mmf file in your
File manager-Sounds-Ringtones
directory. Well, any .mmf file really, regardless of where it is.

To convert .wav files to .mmf (compatible with the Z500), I recommend using Yamaha's "WSC-MA2-Windows version UTF-8". You can get it from the following link:

To convert .mp3 files into .wav, I recommend using a program like Audacity (Freeware) or Nero Wave Editor. Goodluck.