Samsung Z500

Samsung Z500

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  • D-nice

People tell me is this phone worth buying for the price????

How is the sound also from the mp.3 playback?


  • Io

If you are having battery problems and you do not need it's 3G feature then go to settings > network and choose GSM 900/1800 instead of UMTS,it will make it last longer.Once i got 5 days of battery,when i used the crap out of it,very many pictures and a lot of videos.Quite the paradox,i usually use it light and i get about 2 days of bat life

  • holly

hey do u guys know if theres anywhere i can download samnsung studio for osx on my mac? ive got the install cd for the pc studio (iii) but obviously it doesnt work... ? thanks heaps

  • Anonymous

Hi there nice phone but a little bit complicated.Could you help me? how does we set mp3 as message tone? should we automatically leave the phone for the alarm? lost of battery!!!!

  • lana_jean

does anyone know how to set my mp3s as message tone??????

  • Charles

hi there

have a samsung z500 with o2 online. Can anyone email me the settings so I can get the email up and working. Thanks

  • lana_jean

i think i got a weird fone then, coz normally with heaps of use my battery lasts day n half, but with hardly any use i can get 3-4 days out of it.

  • Anonymous

the battery only last about 5-6 hours...
That is the bad thing about it.
The good thing about it is a good and small useful phone

  • Wd

this phone owns but the only problem is it's battery,it only lasts less than a day :|

  • cj

Hi try the samsung fun club website for free java games though u can only get around 5 games though someone mentioned a website that has about 400 games for the phone i suppose u could read back and see the website or try google

  • Dan

battery almoast one day

  • lana_jean

i have this phone and absolutely luv it!!! i used to have lg f2100 n changed to this, it has awesome camera, its compact, easy to use n depending on if u have bluetooth on n how much its used i can get mine to last 3 days, only other option would be d800.

  • xtina

i sold this phone to my partner because i thought it was good but it is total crap. The battery doesn't even last a day. It was sent to the samsung repairers and came back and said it was fixed but still doesn't last a day.

  • M1K3

Geez ppl. Read the rest of the opinions before asking stuff. 90% of these recent questions have already been answered. It's not that much effort to go read a few pages back. Come on, sheesh. I quote from the posting rules:

"Read before you post. Search before you post. There is a big chance that your question is already answered"

  • bl@nkich

To everyone with blank pics problem - lock your "real" pics or move them to another folder. Then if it takes blank photos you can simply choose to delete all photos and only the unlocked ones (i.e. blank ones) will be deleted all at once.

Now my problem: someone mentioned the site for dowloadins skins. So I did, but not one file has the *.thm extension. There's a readme.txt with no useful info, 4 *.bin and 2 *.cnt files. What do I have to do get the theme onto my cell?

  • Harls

This ugly phone is more dear than the motorola V3x & the v3x is 3 times better, i got this phone as an unexpeted present & absoluty HATE IT! The camera is very bad quality the pix come out unclear & small no flash ever DONT $BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zebloonboy

Hi there..bit of advice needed please if poss......have got this fone, quite happy with it but the software only supports windows 2000 or XP......i'm using windows ME at work and Win 98 at home, I don't really want to change my software just for my fone...anyone know how I can round this...asked Samsung directly but they were really unhelpful !! cheers !

  • Raj

This one has battery problem and always drain very fast. Everyday I have to charge twice. The Internal camera is also not so good.The Media player cannot play the songs continuously. Once u use bluetooth, the battery drains so fast.

  • mich

i`ve had this phone for a month now (and it was second hand when i brought it) i dont understand all the problems people are having... i only charge my phone every 3 to 4 days. i dont seem to take endless photos of my pocket as you need to press and hold the camera key down for quite a while before it takes a photo.All the features are great, although i must admit i dont use the 3g mode at all.The photo quality is great and the alarm is loud and reliable, although the calender function is a little confussing, what with scheldule, memo,reminder etc. All in all a excellent phone, glad i bought it, wouldnt be without it. can someone please tell me how i can AUTOMATICALLY save ALL text`s to the phone instead of sim.. must be having a blonde moment..soz, and thanks

  • mantor0

I had just wondering, if anyone had able to use this phone to send faxes?