Samsung Z500

Samsung Z500

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  • Chris

The battery of this phone sucks, i bought this phone last year december. i never have any joy on this phone. it sucks

  • Ali

I've just ordered a Samsung Z500 and have read the comments about switching to 2G etc etc to save battery life. Will this all be self explanatory when i get my phone or can someone give me guidelines on how to!!

  • Anonymous

Does it matter what bluetooth version you have? 2 of my m8s hav the E720, which is bluetooth v. 1.1, Z500 being v. 1.2 and i cannot connect to eith of them. doe sit matter how many people are on your bluetooth list? i hav 10!

  • Molli3

Can u use video calling wiv ppl who havnt got it?

  • froggy

this phone is great BUT i don`t know how to get games via usb cable on it...can any1 tell me how? in pc studio doesn`t show the games folder...

  • just a guy passing b

the fone is wicked but of course the only problem is its central heating, u all knw it that battery burns hard. so if ur going to sum where cold take a z500 lol

  • pete

good phone lots of features only let down with the inability to use voice dialling via bluetooth headset and low battery life

  • jack

low life battarey

i was gonna get this phone but got sony ericsson k750i instead as i wanted a gud camera phone.

i hav heard many complaints about the battaerey of this z500 so here are sum tips.

1. change gprs to gsm.
2. turn 3g to 2g.
3.turn screen light and bigtness off.
leave bluetooth and infrared off.

hope this helps.

  • nikki

apart from the battery, i was more than happy with this phone but the battery life lets it down. i returned it in less than a month as i thought there was a fault with it alas the same thing happened again. on one occasion i had to charge the battery 3 times in 24 hrs and i am not an heavy user and if you leave the bluetooth on then it just drains it within hours!! i have now returned it and chose another model.

  • tara

i found my battery will last between 24 and 36 hours depending on h ow much i use it which is pretty crap. can sum1 tell me how else i can connect the usb wi my fone properly to the comp and have it recognise it without havin the installation disk - can i download anything off the net? also can you set your tones as a msg tone? email me thanks x x x

  • lana_jean

i guess the battery thing really depends on the personal situation, i can get mine to last up to 4 days but normally 2 days use n that is constantly using it.

One thing i do want to know though is if i can use mp3s as my message tone??? any answer would be greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous

I've had my Z500 since July 05 and the battery now lasts 2ish days (just basic texting and keeping the headset in, but *not* using the media player), I use a 256MB memory card, and I don't recall allowing the initial charge. Obviously recharging it so many times over the months has killed its life.

I have just ordered an unofficial 1000mAh battery for the last few months I have the phone for before I get my upgrade. Has anyone else bought one, and if so, is it actually better? I'm not sure how big the Samsung one is, but I've seen 500, 650 and 750mAh batteries too.

Also, does anyone know how to switch off GPRS coz I never use it and it should help improve life

  • geco299

I am thinking bout getting this phone and i wanna know abvout the battery coz they say its rubbish but i can charge it up do you know how long it will last?

  • Cazzy

A great phone with all qualities i like e.g. video calling, mp3, bluetooth etc, however there are some downsides which a few ppl have had. The alarm for example, only goes off when it wants to (i've been late for work countless times) the battery life isn't great but i've no problem with charging every night, and you can't store recorded sounds as ringtones! apart from that, gd!

  • bl@nkich

My battery lasts for about 3-4 days. I set it on 2G and BT is off (I turn it on when I need it). I also play mp3s a lot. I managed to stuff the phone up with about 30 songs (app. 2 MB each, on low VBR), but the sound is very good. Once I played it somewhat 6-7 hours on the speaker, max volume, and the batt didn't die out until the next day. Guss I'm a lucky bitch. :D

I still didn't get any answer to this... Please, help someone!
Q: Someone mentioned the site for dowloadins skins. So I did, but not one file has the *.thm extension. There's a readme.txt with no useful info, 4 *.bin and 2 *.cnt files. What do I have to do get the theme onto my cell?

  • alan brennan

wot am i supposed to do with the usb port lead thingy !! plugged it into computer and phone but got lost after that ! can i send pictures from my phone to my computer ?

  • Joshua

luv this Phone!!
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  • Anonymous

vodafone have just launched this in pink today

  • luci

li-polymer batery works on z500?micro card sd of 1gb works?if not how much card capacity works?please answer me!


I've got it for a couple of months alredy and very satisfied w/o any problems if we forget low battery life using 3g mode and BT.
Before I had Nokia 6600 we can compare them eeasily. Personally I wote for Z500. My question if someone knows where to find original stronger battery pack pls advise to above mail thks.