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Samsung Z500

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  • josh c

To Lulu: unfortunately you cannot have a normal mp3 or what not as a message tone, sux hey.

To moby: to activate vibrate: Goto: menu, settings, profiles, (on whatever profile you are on), select options (top left), edit, the first option, select it, then select vibration and melody.

To Mobz: Micro SD DOES NOT FIT INTO A Z500 ya tool, it takes a transflash card. Connection to the computer is instant, your computer must be shit,

To Kas: the battery life is pop, oh and yes it is sooooo much effort to plug it in to charge...

  • Lulu

Can anyone tell me how to get a download message set as my message alert tone? I can change the ringtone no problem but it doesn't seem like Samsung want us to change the messagr alert.

  • Warwick

I've had this phone for quite a while, and I must say I quite like it.

It's my first phone, but having used many others (helping friends set them up etc.), I really enjoy this one the most.

Design is really nice. I think the Samsung E700/E720/Z500 clamshell look is the best one out there. It's small and lightweight, so it doesn't annoy you being in your pocket all day. Buttons are easy to use, making phone navigation a joy. The outside screen is very useful - can be set to display the date and a message when you close the phone, and also allows for self portrait photography using the front camera.

The menu system is well laid out, and the ability to use the number pad to jump to options makes navigation a breeze once you learn your way around. A nice touch is that the four way directional button can be assigned to jump you straight from the home screen to a specific task (ie: push right to write a TXT).

Camera isn't great. It's a megapixel but most of the photos I have taken seem to be somewhat grainy. A flash like the E720 has would be a nice touch and it's a shame they didn't put one on. Realistically, it's good for random snaps but I wouldn't rely on it for serious photography.

Calling is very good. Audio quality is nice, and the speakerphone is a nice touch. Unfortunately, the speakerphone is on the inside and requires the phone to be open while you are in a call. The address book allows for multiple fields per contact (when stored in phone, not SIM) and the PC software synchronises with Outlook too which is handy. Speed dial can be assigned to the number keys.

MP3 ringtones are supported, and the phone can play music through the speaker. I'd advise anyone planning to use an MP3 ringtone to increase the volume using audio software before putting it on the phone as they don't ring very loud.

Battery isn't great, as has already been noted. I find I can get somewhere between 48-72 hours, which naturally isn't a lot. However, I recharge it whenever I'm home so it's not a huge problem. Annoying nonetheless. Apparently setting to manual network mode (GSM900/1800, GSM1900, UMTS) and network selection (your service provider) will increase the battery life. I think this only works if you use a 2G SIM in it as it shuts down the 3G functions. I don't have 3G so I keep it set to 900/1800.

All in all I think it's a very good phone, with the exception of the battery. Anyone considering purchasing one (although it is rather old now) wouldn't be making a bad choice. I personally recommend it as it combines features with small size and sleek design.

Hope this was useful. :)

  • Moby

Can somebody tell me if the Samsung Z500 have vibration, if so how do I activate it.

  • Anonymous

read this

  • BobZ

Besides the battery life, which i cant explain, the phone is alright. It takes the 1 gig micro sd card with no probs. The connection establishment to the computer takes some time though as in u have to to wait bout 30 secs or so. The access to memory card is limited on the phone itself but does the job never the less. Depends on what u look for in a phone i guess cause battery life is terrible..

  • Kas

Useless piece of junk - need to charge the battery at the very least once a day!!! Sometimes more! Got the battery replaced - still didnt help. Will never get a Samsung again!!

  • Mel Bishop

I got this phone last year as an upgrade. It was the worst decision i ever made. Thankfully i haven't got long untill my next upgrade. Samsung have completley lost me as a customer, they say this phone lasts 270 hours on stand-by, but it barely lasts 48 hours!!! I have had many problems with this phone, i feel sorry for anyone who has it on an 18 month contract!

  • Wayne

Samsung Z500 has some great features but the battery time is not one of them... similarly, neither Samsung or the Better Connection SP appear to want to resolve the problem... bottomline... I don't recommend either anymore...

  • Armand

Hi it's a great phone love the memory and the functions. But the battery lifetime isn't good. Can anyone tell me if it can take the 1 gig mem card. Thanx

  • james

the memory is very very good BUT the battery is vey bad...

  • aura

i already buyed a samsung z500 mobile phone.what i can say avout it that is perfect!!!!!!!!!i love it!if you want to buy a mobile phone,buy a samsung z500!!!!!i garantee you that is the best thing you can do!it is a wanderful phone!good looking,the batery is is the perfect mobile phone!contact me on

  • Bazza

it can read the 1 gig card claire but the functionality of the phone will be a bit slower as this card is not meant to go in it, its like the 3g sim cards, most samsungs can read them but the performance of the phones goes.

  • jay

this phone is so poor. it is unbelievably so crap. buy something else not this

  • aura

pls tell me if this mobile has games???pls answer quiqly.pls.pls.

  • aura

hi!i want to buy a samsung z500 mobile phone.can anybody tell me if is a good phone??please help me.i don't know what to it a good phone??what about the memory?please answer.

  • Będi

It definitely takes 512mb cards. If I had a gig card i'd try, but I don't.

  • x.Claire.x

This is to Jack
DO NOT GET A MOTOROLA they are absolute rubbish!!!!!!!! I used to have 1 nd i was VERY disappointed wiff it because it woz a xmas pressie! =( but anyway thn a got ths fone and wht a difference ther is between ths n eh motorola!!!! Apart from the battery this is eh PERFECT fone!!!
I hope you tae this advice!!!

  • Aus guy

It has been reported that the z500 will accept up to 512mb memory cards, but I have heard they will read 1gig cards. Can anyone confirm if they actually do or not? Cheers.

  • RocketCat

well Jack, if you just would bother to ACTUALLY READ THE DESCRIPTION!, is says:
Card slot: microSD (TransFlash)

jeez... have half the world forgot how to read?