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  • Dudu

About the sub-LCD screen, I've notice that also... and I think that:
- or the samsung guys "photoshoped" the picture of the cellphone;
- or that the icons can be changed with the use of Themes... We only have Vodafone theme, but we can install other themes, which can maybe change those icons.
These is just me guessing :p

  • Dudu

Roger, I don't think Vodafone would block those functions, there's no reason for that... but you can try downloading the sw from samsung site and see if it does the same thing. I don't believe that they can block those functions of the pc sw from the cell phone, so if they changed something, it had to be in the Studio sw.
I really think that it has to be syncronized with Outlook. I didn't understand if you tried it??? Did you? I haven't tried it yet...
Elias, you cant use it to listen to mp3, it even comes with stereo phones :p but it only comes with 40Mb of memory and no option of memory cards... so it is somehow limited.
Diogo, until now, the longest time of battery life was 2 days lol but I play a lot with it, and so will you! But all 3G phones batteries long few time and this phone has a good battery, 1000mAh!

  • Diogo

Hi,everyone. i'm considering the samsung ZV-10 to be my next cell, and the only thing that's worriyng me is how long the battery lasts with normal usage, no 3g calls, just normal 2g calls two or three times a day, a few sms , I don't have the time to play with it. I have a siemens ME45, and it lasts for about 3 to 4 days without recharging. As the ZV-10 last that long to anyone.Thank you.

  • Elias

I'm about to buy one ZV10. Anybody can tell me if i will be able to use it as an Mp3 flash stick in order to listen some loaded music???
Please respond to me!!
Greatings from Portugal!

  • Roger

By the way, those blue characters/icons can be viewed better on this site:
Then click "Image View". That's not how my external screen looks like. And there's no option to change it to look like that.

  • Roger

Dudu, i think Vodafone Portugal, (yes, i'm also from Portugal, and i'm writing in english so everyone can understand) might have blocked those functions on the mobile/PC Studio. The SMS and MMS can't be transfered to Outlook, at least i don't know how. But the phonebook, can be transfered to Outlook.
Have you noticed that the outside screen is totally diferent to the one shown on Vodafone online store. There's no option on the phone to put the outside screen with blue characters/icons.

  • Dudu

By the way Roger, I can't also edit MMS or SMS with Samsung PC Studio 3.
I think it has to be synchronized with Outlook, other way it doesn't work :)

  • Dudu

Greetings from Portugal :)

I've bought my ZV10 tow days ago.
I had a Siemens S55, so this is my first phone with camera and all that high tech stuff.
So far I'm very pleased with it! It has good features, good sw, the camera has good quality, considering the limited resolution.
The design is ok, not excellent, but it's not ugly. The antena ruins the overall design...
The battery lasts one day lol, but I'm always plaing with it. But all 3G phones batteries sucks, so I'm not surprised.
I recommend it!!! ;)

  • Roger

mightybop, can you retrieve with Samsung PC Studio 3, your messages, phonebook, and create MMS?

  • mightybop

Allready got one! I'm the first to post wooohooo! lol. Great phone, the best samsung I ever had! left behind a e810 more eyecatching but much worse phone. This one is almost comparable with my nokia 6630, lots of options, good software, good personalization features (It as theme!!!)the red and white vodafone mark is not annoying as in most of the mobile phones (like e810 or sharp mobiles). I'm really surprised, great price, great phone!!! I miss only the flash dyode (like e810), the usual blinking colorfull light from samsung and memory card (I can live with that because its just a second phone)