Siemens M65

Siemens M65

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  • dENROs

great phone, I'm stil using this phone I never change my gadget till now...I can improve theme of this phone/ like my character..

  • A.B.G.A

Best phone ever!!!
I bought my M65 5-6 years ago, made some fixes to software and applied several patches to add functionality and improve it for my needs, created my own special skin, and - I still use it, I've tried several other phones, but no one could be real competitor to the best phone ever!!!
It's pity that SIEMENS left cell phones market!

  • Ryan

Thìs is lovely phone...when u change ur m65 btrry(original 175 mah) wth btrry siemens c75 820 mah.ftastc u can rech for 3 or 2 days bttrey lifetime with high used.ilove ths phone,its so tough,and i can tke the calls whle i was caugh in the rain cause it cvered with ornge rbber also ths fone have a a big screen at that time 2004,...too bad i had problm with the signal after 3 years i use it cause i try to oppned my phone to change the orinal casing,when i try to fone never had a signal:-(...i miss my phone..pls:-o if somebdy want to sold ur siemens m65 in 75 or 60% orignal condtion,send me an email at
im waiting thx.:-D

  • zain

i am using this mobile since 2005, its a strong & solid mobile.... but my mobile casing got damaged, if any one who have this mobile in scrap then plz tell me.

  • sadut

oh...forgoten one. its very friendly with pc. once i've modded the drives size. gprs excellent in my location (ina). when i watch transformer the movie. suddenly i remember the first time i bought this phone..^_^

  • sadut

i have one since 2006 untill now it still in very good conditiion. now i use sx1. i love siemens coz they are pretty nice looking design. and its always come with integrated file explorer. very good

  • Md. Samsuddin Biswas

I have been using since 2005. It's very hardy set. still now it has no problem at all. But it's charging capability is very low.

  • ssj

When a phone comes to its main functionality -making calls. Then there's no exception but M65! I've been using this one for last 2 months and honestly saying i like it very much. Although i had a mid range type phone (LG Neo) But i bought this phone only for making calls and for texting. If you ask me about this phone's main spec then i'd like to say it a "stylish, durable, stable" phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2010Its a very nice and usable set according to my experience b... morehv u tried Mobile phone Manager (MPM?)

  • Anonymous

hjjj, 02 Apr 2010I want to Software of siemens M65Its a very nice and usable set according to my experience by using this.

So I appreciate for that.
At present I need update software for using internet.

  • hjjj

Dick H, 13 Jan 2010I have 2 M65s which I want to reactivate. Anyone who has so... moreI want to Software of siemens M65

  • Nirzhar

can someone tell how can i download cricket games in this mobile

  • Dick H

I have 2 M65s which I want to reactivate. Anyone who has software?

  • JoKeR

best phn i ever used!!!

  • Arjun

M65 is nice set 4 male,but it has some problem e.g.battery,camera,key batun everything.after all its sound style is juice.

  • haza

I got this phone about 5 year a go and it still works fine even if it had a rough life .I was going to get a new phone but when i saw some comments about this phone i am going to keep this!

  • marek

great phone.. once i had it in the pocket of my swim shorts and it was under water for about a minute.. recovered as if nothing happened.. i've had it for 2 years and i would still have it to this day if it didn't get stolen

  • SAMI

I FORGOT MY pin Code so please is the any one who can help me to know what is my old PIN OR HOW TO MAKE A NEW PIN Code?

  • Yeasir Dhaka

I use this phone 4m 2006-2009. Really it is amizing set. I love my set very much. but I cant use my set as a modem of my pc.

  • towfiq

But its keypads number washes away after some use. OLD phone with no mp3 or bluetooth capability. But excellent for tough use.