Siemens S10

Siemens S10

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  • sirplucnkington

best phone ever highly recommended

  • Anonymous

Are there batteries still available for this S-10?

  • Anonymous

Can I play Genshin Impact on this phone?

  • yeet

i had one they are great phones

  • Mahmoyd

I have one of them

  • Anonymous

waffels, 11 Sep 2019can you still buy this phone?? Sure, just go in 2000 and buy it

  • waffels

wangfei, 25 Jul 2005well, i need information about the shop that provide batter... moreno way!!

  • waffels

can you still buy this phone??

  • siberianbeats

time machines dont exist xxx

  • Anonymous

ahmed, 28 Dec 2017can anyone help to purchase this phone?Why do you need help purchasing it? Just jump in your time machine and buy it yourself

  • ahmed

can anyone help to purchase this phone?

  • AnonD-564217

My parents still use it. Great phone. I have had the follower, S25. Also satisfied.

Does anybody know the polarization of the power connector, please?

  • Dewo

This Was my 2nd cellphone (my first was Siemens S4)... This phone is great (for it's time), I Bought this back in 1998... one if it's distingushed feature was the quick record buttton. I could record just conversation or voice (for about 20s). S10 has a great battery once I travel out of town, I had forgot my charger... it held on for 5 days until I got back home 5 Days later.

  • Sabbir hasan

Siemens s 10 was great phone . I used it in 2001. Still it is in good condition. I need to replace the battery and a charger.

  • Riaan

It was my first phone.
It was crap - even back then. BUT, it had a colour screen. A clock would have been nicer. Gave it to my mom and she used it till two years ago. She only needed a phone with SMS - nothing more. Was perfect for that!

  • Garfield

There were no clock and alarm in Siemens S10, only in S10 Active.

Also this phone could be equipped with vibro in case of purchasing extra battery with vibro.

  • angiebaby

was my first mobile loved it the ringtones was brill wish i could buy another one of these to show my kids

  • AnonD-59518

My first cellphone and it was used phone...proud of it

  • dudi

My first cellphone and it was used phone..

  • Dewo

This is my 2nd phone.. I gotta say it's the most convenient phone I've ever used, quick response, nice to handle, and Superb batery life.

back in college, I once had to go out of town for a group study tour for a 5 days, I accidently forgot my charger, I just keep on using my phone as usual during my stay (turning off the phone while I'm asleep) and to my surprise the S10 help up until I was back home with 1 bar still left on the battery meter.