Siemens S10

Siemens S10

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  • Vogue

this was my first cellphone which I bought it from used mobile shop as i couldn't afford to buy a brand new. I really love it till today (old is gold), this time I would like to own it again if the model is still in the market. Missed this Cellphone.

  • AnonD-30868

Really good phone very quick to respond and 10 hours talk time !! never had a flat battery ever on this phone...wave it past a socket and its charged for another week !!!!

  • Anonymous

My best 20th century cellphone, you can keep it in locker for half a week and the battery still working for standby full of day! even duo Ericsson outdoor series cant beat that

  • Dawood Karim

This was my first phone. I am sorry to say, I found this set in a taxi, and did't return this to the owner, that much I loved this set. Sorry. I should had made this confession.

  • Prabhu

I never forget this phone.
My dad gift me this on my birthday and I really happy with this.
I still remember that i pay Rs.24 for outgoing and Rs.8 for incoming.

That was best toy for me in that time and now my baby playing with this. I think now its best for her!!!!

  • Razgriz

WOW! My first ever cellphone! I remember when i broke it in a 2000 new years eve, its kinda sad huh :(

  • garry

I've got it today ...
@ black bridge street near mitra keluarga hospital, Jakarta.
there's another 'beast' such as r 310 s,r 250 s pro, nokia bananas,n many more ...

  • Dewo

This is my second cell phone, my first cell phone is the S4Power.

This S10 is a handsome phone in it's days, first to use color graphics, very reliable batrey life I could go almost aweek without ever charging while still maintain normal conversations...

absolutely a memorable phone... and the push record button is very2 usefull...

  • Siemens

The best phone in a world

  • JVK

The best phone i had up till now, better than the nokia 6310I

  • Anonymous

one of the best phones ever made

  • z_qz54

my first mobile phone
its very good for hard working!

  • Faisel

LOOK!! The first ever colour screen and text phone!!

  • Anonymous

It was my mother's old mobile phone, back in 2001. It is quite funny to see the 3 colors in such an old mobile. But I had harldy to mention it has NO clock. Nevertheless I think it was a quite good mobile phone at its time, but the small inbox was annoying!!

  • wangfei

well, i need information about the shop that provide battery for my S10. i live in Central Java. I've been looking for this battery in Jogja but i didn't find it. the siemens authorized counter on Jl. Gejayan said that the battery was no longer produced. is that true? should i throw away my S10 then?

  • Douglas

I have got a disabled phone due to a wrong phonecode. Why should I had to pay R75.00 for a new phonecode while as I still had the old phonecode?

  • Sundoro

Please give me how to buy back and front casing

  • benny risanto


Im not goin' to share the opinion, I just want to know where can I buy battery s10?

Im from Bali-Indonesia..
I need this battery ... could u please send to me this information ?

need confirmation..



  • SixFeetz

i use this phone now!! :))) (2004,07)

  • Vlada Valentin

is a good phone