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Siemens S10

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  • Jeff

This was my second GSM phone, it was billed as the first (or one of the first) GSM phone with a color LCD. The LCD was small and low resolution, the colors were washed out (you had blueish, greenish and redish) and it either ghosted vertically or was washed out because the contrast setting was so weak. The phonebook had an option to assign a color to an entry - like a call group but without actually sorting into groups. The voice memo button was always in the way and could only record one message.

  • kami

HI.I need to have more Info about S10 mobile PLS.send me a manual user @ this
Thanks in advance.

  • prihanto

stock still ready?
if already where i can buy?
i'm from indonesia

  • jekk

i own S10 but i still like used S4Power

  • rudolf baxter

it is the bestphone i ever had.ilike it.i have a probleme.i looking for arial for the phone and also a new cover.i can find it any where.where can i find that

  • idang

This is very good product. I have & use it now. Please sent by e-mail manual S10.pdf, due now i use S10 for my operational. I very need this manual.
Regards : idang

  • Matthias Pfützner


Mine is 4,5 YEARS old now, and still works as on the first day!
The description above is wrong, the S10 does NOT have: Alarm, Clock!

There was vibration (with a different battery pack!)

I still love it, it is a mobile, that does, what it should do:

Phoneing even in locations where mobiles from today do NOT find a provider, I AM ABLE to use it.

It is really easy to use (no silly three layered Phone-Books, no fancy games (remember, I want a phone, no Nintendo!)).


  • Huynh

I used to use a Siemens S10 , I live in Hanoi Viet Nam , and how can I buy a new one ?? I like It

  • jonny kvam

I want to use external antenna to improve receiving / transmit condidion. Any recomandation? (Siemens S10)
Do i need to change any settings to make ext.ant work, or is it just plug in cable and use?

  • Debjeet

Hi. I own a s10. Its very handy. Its quite bulky but I like it.

  • peter

A good phone.

  • mikica

I have a problem because I forget phonecode in my siemens s10 (loan phone)

  • j


  • Admin

Just checked.
There is nothing wrong with the manual.
Download it again.

  • mandar devtale

i am not able to unzip the manual file of siemens S10 please mail the right ver. to me

thanking you in advance


  • Tabitha Nyambura

I have got a Siemens S10 mobile, but i need to have more information about it. Could you please send me a manual using the email address I have given.
Thanks in adavance.

  • sssharma

needs manual for siemens S10 CELLPHONE. please help.