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  • Anonymous

Siemens SX1 is beautiful and incredible.....

  • seven

about "photospy"-yes it reacts on movement...

  • Seven

Hi ZHINAU!!!I didn`t write was Harry...So ask him...

  • sam

i really need help in installing some extra features with may seimens sx1 i heared theres this unlimited video recorder i was wondering where can i download this cool features and i know there's still more extra cool feature i don't know yet please kindly anyone help me download this cool features it will be a pleasure you share me the knowlegde how? im looking forward i got a reply with someone who could helpfull, kinghearted, with my prob.? tnx in advance e-mail me....

  • zhinau

Hi SEVEN, I read in the forum your opinion. As I am not very good English speaker, I don’t understand, you said “I have photospy installed to see if anyone enters the private areas and for further evidence the motion camera will record anything that moves“ that means that you installed program, which records only when something moves? For example if I put the phone on the table, and if there is nothing in the room, it doesn’t record.. but when someone comes to the room, it began to record?? Is that true? Thanks

  • ijal

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  • oli

hi, where can i buy this phone-online that ships here in the Philippines. thanks in advance.

  • SX1

if it had a megapixel camera and a bigger memory, it'll be great!

  • seven

I have FW15 too...

  • harry

i do apologise i have firmware 15 running on the phone, and siemens are still deciding whether to bring out new firmware software

  • harry

Seven, i agree with some parts of trhe review but that review is old. I have firmware 12 running which is the latest one. I agree that there are some bugs on the phone, and i also stated in my review that any series 60 symbian phone offers the same potential. The interface on the nokia 6600 is dull compared to the sx1. The menus and icons are much better. The keypad is the only major let down for this phone.

  • seven

bmw325-everything is working?try for example callrecorder...

  • seven­os-en.shtml#1 in preivous i had mistake

  • seven

Harry-dont make me check this one-­x1-os-en.shtml#1...
i agree that SE is better than nokia-but price is much higher...

  • Harry

I got this phone a month ago, and i must say i was impressed. The level of applications available and games and software available is crazy. My SX1 is loaded with applications, i even have the NGAGE emulator on there and the megadrive one. The screen is really big and bright. The camera is excellent and i have installed a 4hr camcorder. I have installed many different features for the camera. I have photospy installed to see if anyone enters the private areas and for further evidence the motion camera will record anything that moves. I have installed smartmovie from where i can watch movies and films, and am currently installing the dvd converter. The graphics processor in this is really good. The games play well and the NGAGE games play perfectly. The mp3 player is really good. Really clear. I have installed the ultraMP3 player which makes the phone look impressive. The phone maybe a bit bulky but the levels which this phone operates on is awssome. The Nokia 6600 and any other 60 series symbian phone have the same potential. I have inserted a 256mb card which is more than enough. The bluetooth is a let down as it only lets you send files the size of the phone memory, which isnt enough. the phone memory is only 4mb but 2mb is used up by the operating system. The keys along the side are a bad idea if you are a heavy texting person. It gets really frustrating. The battry life could be better and lasts around about 2 days low use and 1 day heavy use. its fantastic i love it i cant live without it

  • bmw325

This phone is great, everything is working, i have a lot of features and all of them are workin...

  • bart

why get a nokia symbian smartphone? everybody who knows symbian OS and mobile phones knows that the Pxxx line from sony ericsson is the best, followed by motorola's symbian line with UIQ

  • seven

about 50% symbian progs dont smartphone this thing is realy bad...if you want smartphone,dont by this...i will sell this phone...will by nokia 6670 wich is much better as smartphone...

  • aa

512 is ok

  • francis

i waited for this phone its spec is good.trueness off the phone is it's a let done.if you do not charge up the phone for 2 days all the memory(no's, pic's,etc..) on the handset are lost.on my second phone now & that is in the repair shop. the phone crashes has done nothing but let me down. it does look good when it lights up though.will i opt. for the mpx300 on the performance off this sx1 ?