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  • rated unknown

I have a question.Well anyone who has bought it the cd that it's included in the package has it got any applications to upload in the phone?in siemens planet the most applications are demo trial??has anyone tried it?wher can i find applicaitons for it?

  • xxxxxrated

Where can i download the v6 version??can i setup it from myself?how can i do this?

  • yeo

to jojomei:

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yeo

should i get a panasonic x70 or siemens sx1?
if i have to upgrade the siemens sx1, where should i do it?

  • Undertaker666

Actually it has been 2 month since I had my SX1 and I have it for testing... The software version I had was v5 (very bad version, and unstable, too much bugs...) How to know your version: just type *#06# and then press "info" and read what version you do have, the latest is v6 (download for free on by the end of the month We're going to have V7(it's promised to be the real final and stable version). The phone is more or less ok but you have to get used to the key pad being sideways. Personnaly after these 2 month I'm not used to it and still can't leave my P800.
I think that Siemens has made a mistake by deciding to launch the handset prematurely...They could have waited till April, better than having all these complaints and bugs... Cheers

  • lampis

Mr doh can you tell me if the keyboard is nice?made of good quality?about the screen colors?please answer

  • doh!

sx1 ROCks . I just bought the fone like 2days back N it rocks.> i dnt belive nebody who writes shit abt this fone .. N who ever does then i dnt think ne 1 knws how 2 appriecate tech.... THO the phone is like a nokia .. RAther than a siemens.. SO its very userfriendly .. :)
n how abt.. only i just dnt knw how 2 do 1 thing .... Does ne 1 knw how 2 change the recived thing on the sms side 2 b stored on the mc rather than the pm .???
peace peeps

  • george

Does the keypad comfort you??
Is it made of good quality??

  • kirileman

Does it support mp3 playback directly from MMC card?????????

  • christos

Does the keypad comfort to write messages??has it got nice screen colors and camera?has it got any bugs?sholu i upgrade it?


where can i update my sx1??what version???how does it cost?

  • clive


hey the UPGRADED is free

you do it in your home

  • doh!

hey anil,, where abts did u go 2 upgrade ur phone?? The place in burdubai? .. N how old was ur software? DID u just buy it n went off 4 an upgrade ,.. shoot write more would luv 2 . . Cheers .

  • george

it needs to be upgraded to play better?how is it lightning?is it bright???about the screen i mean or camera.are both good?

  • khaled

very good mobile but iwant to know the price list

  • Anil

Hey! Guys I got repaired my SX1 from DUBAI.Now its the greatest phone in the world at present with full-flaz features.....

  • kostas

Can anyone tell me what are the problems of this phone??any bugs?if i upgrade it can paly better?about the camera?can anyone help me?i can't decide!!please!!!
thanks a lot


Beautiful.And looking extreemly strong.

  • john

What am ig oing to tell to the cellular shop for te update for it??will it cost more??

  • clive

yes yes sx1 be better ...

go faster and faster .

hahaha with the frimwear 7 upgrade the hole phone

now its superfaster than ever good job siemens

the PIC very clear

and upgrade the zoom to X5 zoom

haah thts what the call it ((smart))