Snapdragon 8150 to be announced on December 4

Yordan, 23 November 2018

Qualcomm started sending out invites for its annual summit in Hawaii. The welcome dinner is scheduled for December 3, while the actual announcements will begin on December 4. Usually, the San Diego company announces its flagship Snapdragon products on the first day, with full specs sheet following the day after and we expect the same to happen this year as well.

The Qualcomm invitation The Qualcomm invitation The Qualcomm invitation
The Qualcomm invitation

The invitation included a Xiaomi VR headset that plays a neat video, sending you to Hawaii. There’s also a list of activities happening in Maui - three days of keynotes will end on December 7 with a goodbye party.

Screenshot from the VR invitation

There is also a paper part of this whole package, roughly translated as “Dare to be the first 5G mobile experience”. Expectations are the new chip to abandon the 8xx monikers and switch to four digits. It will adopt a new CPU design with a large cluster of two cores, medium cluster with two large cores at lower clock speed and four smaller cores for power efficiency. GPU will evolve to Adreno 640, and the whole platform will be 20% more efficient.

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I share that link because its purely the CPU test: floating point and integer, not the combined with encryption and memory bandwidth. In that the average of both (int + fp) is 3587 for the exynos vs 4294 on the A11 A 20% increase will give us ...

Actually: The avarage GB4.2 Score for Mongoose M3 core is accepted as 3686 points. The avarage score for the Apple Monsoon is 4228. 3686x1.2=4423. As far as I know mathematically: 4423>4228. Sure. It's a margin of about 4%. But still a ...

I know, but its rumored to be 20% better on single core, just do the math with those numbers; it not enough to surpass A11. Its worst if you do it on SPEC.