Some Google Pixel 2 XL screens plagued by burn-in, Google looking into it

Ivan, 23 October 2017

Some early Google Pixel 2 XL adopters have reported a screen burn-in issue to Google support. The story was initially brought to public attention from Android Central editor Alex Dobie, who used a Google Pixel 2 XL for a week before the issue cropped up. In his case the navigation buttons appear to have burnt-in.

Google support says it is "actively investigating this report.".

Screen burn-in almost exclusively affects OLED panels and is the phenomenon of on-screen content remaining permanently etched into the matrix after prolonged display of a static image. It's normally avoided by manufacturers by moving screen content around by a few pixels every few minutes, which is invisible to the naked eye.

Only time will tell how many Pixel 2 XL's have been affected and if the Google Pixel 2 shares the issue (although that phone is made by HTC, while the Pixel 2 XL is made by LG).


Reader comments

Proof? The damage my Sony phone has on the screen is dead rows, columns, and sections of pixels from a improperly pressured screen (aka cracked phone from some unusual amounts of foot pressure).


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