Sony Ericsson C702

Sony Ericsson C702

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  • xlaw

If u want running GPS without GPRS use Trekbuddy i'ts very Awesome! yeahh SE ROCKS!!!!


vLowjaber, 22 Oct 2008...this phone is very very amazing!! ...the pictures taken by t... morehow sound quality c702?

  • vLowjaber

...this phone is very very amazing!!
...the pictures taken by this fone is PerFecT!!
...this shouLd be the riVaL oF noKia N78..!

  • Anonymous

Hi I am using an k850 and the pics it takes are very good but they are not as sharp as the c702.
I know the k850 has all different settings but I rather just take a picture and not have to mess around with the settings before hand.
Well thats me 2 pence worth.

  • Anonymous

ansontang, 20 Oct 2008can any kind soul using C702, send me a photo that you took with... moreHere's two photos taken today with my newly upadated C702 with 90% sunshine. Tell me what you think.­kl6.jpg­my6.jpg

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970I own both phones and I can advice you to definitely go for the C702. The screen on the C902 is WAYYY too dark, not to mention the size difference. The C702 earpiece is definitely louder. Also, the C902 camera is very comparable at daytime but much worse at low light coditions where the C702 twin LED is much more efficient. Also the crippled (no built-in maps) GPS of the C702 is better to have than no GPS at all. Finally, there is practically nothing to justify the 90 euros more expensive price of the C902. A Nokia N78 is a far better choice than the C902 with less money, even if it means that you'll have to put up with the cheap plastics (but no hardware problems really).

  • ansontang

can any kind soul using C702, send me a photo that you took with the phone camera as my C702 didnt really take a clear image even with the auto focus ON. will like to compare the diff b4 sending to service centre

  • anson

Pedjoni, 19 Oct 2008Doesn`t have xenon flash...Photos are very good, the same as k80... morepedjoni is it possible to send me a pic u took using the C702? i'm using the phone currently but i didnt find the camera as gd as u mention as compare to k810i. seriously seek ur help before i bring to sonyecrisson service centre. thanks

email a pic u took with c702 to thanks seriously need to compare ur pic n the pic i took.

  • SN

I bought C702 recently and playing with it. Itís a perfect phone. Sound, picture quality is really well. But I have a problem. I fix a 1GB memory to phone and connected phone to computer and copy songs to memory. Then some times memory card is disconnect. After I restart the phone again memory card working well, the after sometime it disconnect.

Cam anyone help to me.

  • Pedjoni

Doesn`t have xenon flash...Photos are very good, the same as k800 on the evening, k800 gives better results becouse of the flash... But, video is much, much better...320x240, mp4, 30 frames per second...including light... My opinion, worth replacing k800 with c702.

  • Anonymous


Is there some1 who has this fone, that can give a proper critical breakdown of its functionality...

Ive recently upgraded to g700. neat little business phone, touch, average camera and few clever functions. If you goin to use the g700 4 times a day, that phone will work, but if your hands are constantly on the phone, expect all types of problems

  • yoo Jin

hi guys,help me there..i'm going to buy this phone, but i juzt want to know that this phone compared with k850,which one is better in everything camera?..
tx.really appreciate the answer..

  • Bogor

Does it have Xenon like in K810/K800 ? Which better in camera / photo result ?

  • jason

mundix, 14 Oct 2008What is the average battery life for this cellphone? I got one l... moreHi go into main menu & then into tool & settings on the bottom right open this upthen scoll left which brings up connectivity scoll down to mobile networks and open that then scoll down to gsm/3g networks and then select gsm only.

  • Anonymous

jowieboy, 17 Oct 2008is it true that the camera zoom only 3x only in VGA mode? and in... moreyes dude its true:(

  • jowieboy

is it true that the camera zoom only 3x only in VGA mode? and in normal mode does not functioning zoom? please reply. im comparing c702 form k770 which of the two is user friendly and the camera/video is good

  • SE Fanatic

Absolutely a gr8 phone! The buttons took me a while to get used to. Takes excellent pics, very user friendly, definitely a must have if u always on the go and like to tkae photo's of everything!! Well done SE!!!

  • reddy

how can run GPS

gps needed most be internet?

there is any chance?

  • Mundix

Hi all, is there a way of switching off the 3G so that the phone only works on gprs or another network?

  • mundix

What is the average battery life for this cellphone? I got one last week but it seems I have to charge it every 3 days or so. I receive very few calls and don't normally use the camera etc.