Sony Ericsson C902

Sony Ericsson C902

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  • SE Biggest Fan

The phone is gonna be 500 : 600 $

  • lol_maker

I had the same dilemna but what made me decide to go for the C902 is the slim design and the fact that it is quad band and HSDPA(since I travel quite a lot this phone will be perfect). Plus, I love taking pictures so a Cybershot branding is a sign of great quality. However, G900 has a slightly bigger touch screen with WiFi but is only tri-band and the 5M camera has an average flash (perfect if you are not planning to take many pictures). Again, it depends on what you need for your everyday life, but for me I would go for the C902 without hesitation...

  • Lntel

June 8th it will be available. Muhahaha
price will be 600 ~ 750 USD.

Question is, C902 or G900?

  • Anonymous

Wow, I love how gupsy augily just looked stupid right now.

Moving along, I believe that the K to C series for cameraphones is somewhat of a good move, but what is bad about this phone is that Sony Ericsson opted out a larger screen for more touchsensitive buttons, around the screen nonetheless, and none ergonomic.
With that, they've done good to make the phone MUCH thinner, over the K850, but it's now wider, and it's with matches it with a Motorola RAZR2 (I've compared both side by side, and the effect of the phone's looked from the RAZR, though it's wide, makes it still look thinner then this phone).

  • Rich

This phone will be in stock with O2 week commencing 9th June according to customer services.

  • jermaine gregory

this phone is excellent i have seen it with the sony erriccson representative, i like him and the phone

  • Anonymous

small lens?
oh does it matter?.
and its not a single led flash.
SE wins.

  • Anonymous

Guys. This phone is a state of the art handset. I find the screen size decent (the difference between a 2"4 and 2" is not significant and you should not base your decision on that). It's a CyberShot with dedicated buttons, the slimmest ever made and definitely stylish. Can't wait to have it!

  • Anonymous

Small screen, awful camera, - another screwup by SE. I hope the G900 will be much better. It is time for SE to make a decent phone finally.

  • kaye

what is more beautiful SE G900 or SE C902? i cant decide what fone i want to buy

  • Terry Finisterre

My first impresion is less than favourable. The design is cute, but they could have made the screen bigger by eliminating the dedicated camera buttons, which are otherwise useless.

As to the camera! Single LED flash? Tiny lens? I'm so underwhelmed by this snapper, it's not funny. Since the K550, SE has been droppng the ball in the camera phone wars.

  • eternal_wind

supports up to 8GB.

  • Anonymous

would this phone support a 4/6/8GB memory card?

  • Anonymous

would this phone support a 4/6/8GB memory card?

  • d

price : 11 000 KC ... 1 500 PLN ... 500 Euro .. 600 $

  • -db-

how bout the music??
is the loading very slow?
which one do you think the best ph now??
can anyone help me?
coz i want to buy the new one..
thank you.. ^^

  • Anonymous

camera shots comparison to Nokia 6220 classic!!!

Why SE loses?­sson_C902_cam-rev.html

  • Moh'd

This phone will be released by the end of this month, maybe May 21. I believe it will be a killer for all flat phones with the 3G and 5MP camera.
In my opinion, $500 would be a reasonable price

  • Ross

According to a fella at vodafone it should be released on June 16th. Hope that info helps.

  • Anonymous

Aashay Shah
It has neither of has photo flash it is the new generation of flashes