Sony Ericsson C902

Sony Ericsson C902

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  • Pck

Pls tell me how to deactivate 3G

  • Anonymous

abc, 30 Jan 2010just turn off 3g when you don`t need it. this will improve batte... morehow shuld i turn the 3g off?

  • abc

just turn off 3g when you don`t need it. this will improve battery life. it`s available for all mobile phones with 3g connectivity.

  • Anonymous

how many txt can you get on the handset before you start having to remove them as i have nokia know and i had over 5000 txt

  • chill

how will i activate my mms on this....

  • midori

just bought this fon..
really impress
but still feel bad with its battery..
not very reliable
but overall this is the best fon..
very elegant n worth buying..

  • dido

Good on internet, camera but the battery life sucks you need to recharge like every day.The quality of music is also too low on eye phones i regret disposing my samsung star

  • xolani duma

people is the battery life of this phone really bad?? im considering buying the phone , hows mp3, 3g services ??

  • Ahachi samuel

I think is true,for over two yrs d prize of dis phone should have being brought down.

  • drsiiin

Becks, 21 Jan 2010Not impressed by this phone at all. Battery only lasts 2 days at... moreHave you formed the batt? 16 ours of charging the handset scoud be turned off. That would do the trick, and 3g is only turned on when you make videocalls.

  • \desperate dan

Just bought one at Carphone Warehouse - so far, happy with phone, but the display says One 2 One! I've asked Sony Ericsson how to change this to T-Mobile, and they've said it can't be done - sorry (i.e. go away!) Surely this can't be right - One 2 One finished as a brand years ago!

  • Becks

Not impressed by this phone at all. Battery only lasts 2 days at the most, signal poor (my hubby on same network has full signal while I have none)and the phone switches itself off. One positive I've took some good pictures with the camers

  • drsiin

Best sounding phone ever. Souds like an SB XFI... Tested whith ie8 sennies :D. Battery life is ok if ou make the first charge for bout 16 ouhrs (device turned off). If ya havent tried do it. Of course 3G and bluetoot has to be off and the batt last forever :). If it aint hel change batt.

  • Bilal John Kurisinga

where did i get the Panel of my Sony Ericsson C902.??
In Kerala ( Especially Ernakulam and Trichur)

  • Anonymous

Bah this phone sucks,i recharge battery every 2 days,and i don't eaven use him that much,better add some extra cash and buy nokia N82,thats the best phone on whole world!!!

  • Audi

Chuck Bass, 18 Jan 2010My music located on my memory card does not seem to be recognise... moreYour mp3 songs might be located in Ringtones folder in your File Manager. Check it out!

  • Chuck Bass

My music located on my memory card does not seem to be recognised by the Media Player, yet I can access it through File Manager. I tried the 'Update Media' option, in the Media Player itself, but with no avail.

Any suggestions?
Chuck Bass.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2010r u sureI have the phone and it's a great phone. The battery is fine.

  • Anonymous

Xten007, 01 Oct 2009The sony ericsson c902 IS the best phone that i had used morer u sure

  • Anonymous

This phone have been released for nearly two years, so the price of it should be lowered now. Does anyone know a place to purchase it? Is ebay and amazon reliable? Also, how do I know what country these phones are made in?