Sony Ericsson C902

Sony Ericsson C902

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  • Craig

What is the avg. price for a new c902?

  • no name

tell me realy it is good?

  • dee dum hai

this phone is dummer than dee dum worst phone ever

  • lynn

which phone is better??c901 or c902??? in terms of functions and features??

  • Ruky

venj, 15 Jun 2009thanks for the info.. btw, how many weeks/months did Sony Erics... moreNo man they didn't take long. Just 2 days only.& the phone is up-to-date.

  • awarapan

its an awesome set

  • regina

what if it fell in water?

  • Kenn

If after software upgrade provided by SE website,­downloads/detailed/updateservice/c902
will it still hang tat often? (or cures the problem?)

coz i m looking for a decent phone which is around this phone's price tat i can use for at least 2 years.. i m kind of having mixed feelings in either getting this or w508... but the camera this have is really attractive as compared to w508 which has only 3mp camera without autofocus as well...

  • aflal

this is the best n stylish phone up to now, itz really awsum n it has a best quality camera. n also sexy touch screen keys.

  • k.a.balaji

i had c 902 it is hanging oftenly Regularly means nearly 15 to 20 times a day for minute
my id

  • Anonymous

very good mobile definitely recommended. video quality is as good as any mobile ive seen, however camera quality can be improved, i think that the k800i even though being 3.2mp is better quality. touch screen also works very well but doesnt need to be used very often, also it does tend to freeze on occasion but this could be due to the 8gb memory card used. is very portable, light and fashionable. does have small keys but isnt much of a problem even though i have larger hands.

  • Arak

Supersonic, 22 Jun 2009Incredibly disappointing. Freezes on a regular basis in several ... moreI have 2 of this mobile and its just perfect and till today i had almost more than 1000 photoes
no problems at all
it just that you had a faulty one
please replace it and you will see that its awsome

have fun

  • Hero bondsatr

Hmm...........this Mobile is super in its Video Quality
Accordin to me this mobile is good in its picture n video clarity .
B4 i had an N70......this mob seems to be better than that

  • Supersonic

Incredibly disappointing. Freezes on a regular basis in several key areas, namely when trying to dial and SMS. Will freeze at times when attempting to answer a call.

So-called "touch screen" on Camera mode is slow as fucking molasses. ALARM function fails in all respects. Sometimes I wake up to the tune of my alarm, sometimes I dont...simply because it doesnt sound off.

All in all.....its a piece of shit.

  • DONI

pfffffff i think.....hmmmmmm.

  • akf

I have using c902 about 2 mths , U have to upgraded the latest version of firmware and change the camdriver & dispdriver. then ok!

  • Anonymous

I bought this C 902. Its an average phone. Not value for money. Within 2 days I realised the camera had a malfunction in clarity. They repaired it free of cost but one has to realise that such an expensive phone has to have its moneys worth. Also it hangs up, switches off by itself & slows down with time . I have few other sony phones all have same problem. If Sony also gets all its phones made in China then why are we fools paying extra price for this third grade stuff just for namesake. Please go for any phone that is not made in China

  • Anonymous

hi can i know what's the difference between photo flash and xenon flash?

  • Anonymous

Annonomus, 16 Jun 2009Well wat can i say about this phone !! its crap ! its the worst ... moreyour probably unlucky like most of the other people out there who has the same problem

  • Annonomus

Well wat can i say about this phone !! its crap ! its the worst phone i've eva had ! first of all it started freezin when i was on a call ! then the end call button fell off, wen i tried 2 get it fixed they told me i must of pulled it off myself and i'd have 2 pay for it (as if i'd do that) then it started turnin itself on n off randomly then the speaker went n i cud only speak on loudspeaker otherwise the person on the other end of the phone couldn't hear me! then it started 2 not charge properly and i had 2 position it in a certain way n even then it didn't charge properly n finally now its dead n wont do anythin my advise is stay away from this phone ! my friend also had the same problems ! really dont waste ur money on this phone !