Sony Ericsson C902

Sony Ericsson C902

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  • Unknown

i have bought this phone for 1week & it is doing well .
no crash or anything ! ♥

  • Anonymous

redbull, 23 Oct 2008i was worried before i bought this phone, having read in on... moreYou just got lucky! Your does not crash - meny others do.
Get an extra battery, as far as the buttons - it is okay for kids or small women - think about it to give it away as a present.
Enjoy your phone!

  • dealer

if anyone has software issues, freezing, hanging- just get yourself a free software upgrade which is covered under warranty.. don't just bitch and whinge and blame the phone. every model of phone has software issues..every single model.

  • Fez

c902 user, 21 Oct 2008what does a h in a blue box next to the signal indicator me... moreH - HSPDA - High speed data connection
E - Edge - Basically 3g
G - GPRS - Bog standard internet connection

If your not on the net on your phone and this comes up all it's doing is updating your position.

Get loads of customers complaining about the same thing.

  • Syd

Hw iz itz sound quality n hw iz da result of itz camera

  • redbull

GrUntA, 15 Oct 2008got mine about 3 weeks ago [black one] the only problem i h... morei was worried before i bought this phone, having read in online reviews that it crashes often.

But i took a risk, and got this phone. I've had it for 2 months now, and all my fears were unfounded. It's a good phone, no crashes at all.

My only grievances are:
a) keypad is not versatile, very stiff, and buttons are too closely packed together which makes text messaging a nightmare.

b) while composing text message, at the point when length of message exceeds into the 2nd text message, the screen contrast dims suddenly, and then restores itself.

c) battery takes longer than most phones to get fully charged. About 3 hours from empty to brim.

  • liz h

anyone no the perfect setting to have the camera on for nights out? like in a club or pub enviroment

  • C902

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2008G would just signifies GPRS and u can't delete it..but my GPRS on & off itself , is there anyway to stop it?

  • Anonymous

c902 , 21 Oct 2008Why is there a 'G' on top of the signal indicator ? & how ... moreG would just signifies GPRS and u can't delete it..

  • unknown

"G" meaning your on GPRS and "E" when your on EDGE

  • Dani

Gav, 21 Oct 2008Guys and gals, Have had the C902 for two weeks (grey James... morePerfect Comment.

  • c902 user

what does a h in a blue box next to the signal indicator mean?

any information will be great.


  • radi

im really am considering buying this phone. would it be a good buy? really need help. how thin is this phone?

  • Jonathan loveismobil

We have tested the New sony ericsson C902 and it has passed with flying colours, With 150MB of internal memory you’ll never be short of space. Plus use the built-in GPS with Google Maps to make your mobile portable pathfinder.


  • Gav

Guys and gals,
Have had the C902 for two weeks (grey James Bond 007 model from O2). I agree with comments about the battery but there are a whole heap of features you can switch off to enhance battery life. The camera is quite cool and I like the touch screen idea. Whole screen may have been a way to go and may be a phone model waiting to be developed by SE. To stop taking pictures in your pocket, simply press * and the Lock button (right soft-key)! Buttons are a bit fiddly and I'm not liking the location of the volume button (right side, low down), but it is a massive step up from the K800i and I would recommend it over the Nokia bricks currently on the market.

  • c902

Why is there a 'G' on top of the signal indicator ?
& how to i deactivate it , reply please.

  • bluesky_08

updating the software may lose the phones warranty?.. is there any hole here where i can put a sling here..

  • >Nino

Does it hae symbian OS?

  • Sam

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2008same question here. i turned off bluetooth, but there still... morehello there the G sign is not for bluetooth,it indicate that GPRS network is avaliable and sometimes its changed to E sign so its mean that EDGE network is avaliable

  • cujo

nice phone but camera is poor, pictures always come out blurry no matter what settings you use, or how clean the lens is. Music and movie playback is great but it keeps pausing and starting again every min or so, even with auto-rotate off. Internet is excellent altho the screen is a little small. Size, weight and build quality are all great.