Sony Ericsson C902

Sony Ericsson C902

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  • se wannabe user

yeah, the screen looks smallish... and why didnt se make it a full touch screen?

  • help is at hand

seyavash, 23 Apr 2008if i buy this phone , it mean that i have a mobile phone + ... moreHa Ha, yes friend, you see the camera is inside the phone, so you get a phone and a camera. Yes its fantastic, isn't it?

  • Ray

Please can anyone help there any keypad lock code for the C902..what can i do to be able to lock the keypad with code?thanks

  • Mario

If I'm not searching for WiFi,GPS or Symbian, I would go directly for the U900 Soul. It's the best phone and camera ever.

  • Polo

does the battery last long and how much is it to buy 1 cause im planning to buy a new phone.

  • Tocatalk

Well, my c902 camera makes great quality pics, not like 2mp camera.. You can choose pic quality in the cybershot menu.. I'm very satisfied with my phone.


hey to all d guys,
pls pls pls help me.
i can't take pictures by camera button(beside d button that makes volume increase/decrease)
i can only take pics by SELECT button.

when i take pics by camera button, n when i also press, nothing changed.

pls pls pls anyone help me.
i really*100000 appretiate this.

  • Boo.

Can it hang keychains? Where's the hole to it?

  • mahdi

c902 is very nice modern but its5mpx camera picturs quality has no differece with 2mpx (w700 i have already)espicially when you zoom+ a picture , when you take a picture from a text can any friend guide me about this problem.thank you

  • Anonymous

*turned off 3G, actually

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2008any idea how to turn off small G above signal indicator? t... moresame question here. i turned off bluetooth, but there still is a "g" over the signal indicator.

what about it? can it be deactivated?

thank you.

  • GrUntA

josh, 15 Oct 2008wait? you charge your phone every 3 days? how dumb is that.... morewell josh the reason i charge my phone every 3 days is that i have it bluetoothed to my MBW150 exectutive series bluetooth watch, the watch is handy coz im too lazy to grab the phone out of my pocket to see who is calling...

also i would point out that charge the battery every day DOES NOT extend the battery life, i should know i sell phones.

  • Niall

You can make the battery last A LOT longer if you turn off the 3G setting, and just turn it on when you want to use the internet, because it speeds up your browsing. Go Settings --> Connectivity --> Mobile Networks --> 3G/GSM and set to GSM only. Hope this helps.

  • q


any password protected keypad lock sony ericsson c902 or any porgram i can download it ?


  • Anonymous

any idea how to turn off small G above signal indicator?
thank yous!

  • Anonymous

Poor built quality and:
˝ Smallish screen
Images suffer excessive sharpening and purple fringing
Poor video recording capabilities
Slide-up lens cover collects massive amounts of dust
No office document viewer˝

  • Anonymous

Murf, 13 Oct 2008Worst phone i've ever had due to constant crashing, which h... moreI agree: ˝Worst phone i've ever had due to constant crashing, which has made me miss calls, alarms and some great photos. I always liked Sony phones but this has changed my mind. DO not buy this phone under any circumstances!!˝

  • josh

GrUntA, 15 Oct 2008got mine about 3 weeks ago [black one] the only problem i h... morewait? you charge your phone every 3 days? how dumb is that. no wonder why your phone don't last lol. everyday your phone should be charge duh! when you charge your battery everynight it gives a longer life time. my w810 is 2 years old and the battery still strong as when i first got it.

  • John

I got this phone its light and cool design iam happy with the apperance but the screen is so small and battery life dosn't last long that's the only problem

  • flyguy

I am awaiting delivery of this model and want to know if anybody who already has one has used the GPS function. If so, how useful is it, how simple to operate and how does it compare with the Garmin/Tomtom stand alone systems ?