Sony Ericsson C902

Sony Ericsson C902

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  • Anonymous

I cant believe people are moaning about only 3 days battery life on this phone! Never had any problems myself even with fairly heavy useage + comparing it to a lot of other handsets that are on the market that have to be charged daily this is a dream! If you're too tight to buy a car charger or the electricity to use a mains charger at night maybe you should buy a Nokia 1200!!!

  • M

siobhan, 14 Oct 2008whats the biggest size m2 card this phone can take?the c902 takes an 8GB max but id be careful coz it might slow it down... i want to buy the mob but i also want the c905 only big diff is its slide :) n cam is 8mega pixel

  • GrUntA

got mine about 3 weeks ago [black one] the only problem i have with it is the battery life. i am having to charge it once every 3 days, could b the battery, but i cant b too sure till i swap them.

Apart from that i dont have any issues so i must be the lucky 1 in 6 billion to get a good one...

  • 6555

well said jonnychip
this phone is total crap and should be avoided like the plague . agree with all your comments freezes , drops calls , camera takes pics in my pocket even when slide closed , total rubbish

  • Dani

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2008This one looses big time against N82. No os, no gps inbuilt... moreWhat the hell are you thinking coming in here and saying that?

have you seen the size of the Brick N82 LOL

now compare it to the C902....

thats like comparing a Biscuit(C902) to a piece of Furniture(N82)


  • Anonymous

This one looses big time against N82. No os, no gps inbuilt, crappy video, small screen ... what in the hell se were thinking?

  • vicky

iv come across a prob with my cell..the flash doesnt work when im takin pics ,,,,it works only when im takin a this the setting or i need to rethink???..please guide....

  • siobhan

whats the biggest size m2 card this phone can take?

  • jonnychip

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2008thats soo funny...the phone hasnt even been out for one who... morehence staying anonymous, gutless individual. best you get your facts right, this phone been out longer than a month, have a look at the dates of previous reviews plank!!! you obviously work for sony erricsson, your performance and research obviously matches the phone. CRAP!!!.

  • Anonymous

lol barely out for a month?

maybe where you live, but this phone has been out for a while now.

  • Jaosn

Not a bad phone BUT if you are in a bad area for phones you may as well give up you will get no signal at all. Where other models do.


reply to previous post (anonymous)
its has been out a couple of months as i got mine at the end of july and it had been out a couple of weeks before that so get yourr facts correct mate!!!!!!!

  • jamie ward

the Battery is absolutley rubish

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2008thats soo funny...the phone hasnt even been out for one who... moreThis phone has been available since June! It's the '007 Bond' titanium edition that's only just been made available... Got mine this morning! Big kid!!!

  • Murf

Worst phone i've ever had due to constant crashing, which has made me miss calls, alarms and some great photos. I always liked Sony phones but this has changed my mind. DO not buy this phone under any circumstances!!

  • kensington

Does anyone knows how to use the google maps???
Is this a kind of GPS???
I really love my phone,just in the beginning some problems,cause my camera was so stuck that i could'nt get it open.
Send and repair :)
further no problems GREAT cam!!!!

  • disappointed

i bought C902 before a couple of days, i love it, it's very elegant, and the camera photos are very clear, but the problem is that when i open the camera and use it for some time the screen turns into striped colored lines so i have to close the camera and open it again.the repair department downloaded a new software, but it wasnt fixed. can anyone suggest a solution for this problem please?

  • Anonymous

jonnychip, 12 Oct 2008i;ve had this phone a few months. big mistake, keeps freezi... morethats soo funny...the phone hasnt even been out for one whole month yet and somehow you've had it for a few months?
somehow...i think someone is a little fibber and hasnt actually got this phone lol

  • BMan

This is the WORST phone I have ever had. The screen freezes constantly, the menu goes crazy and shoots around randomly. I can't even use the menu as the cursor won't keep still. It's crap and I hate it. Calls dissconnect and sound cuts off my end. Avoid this piece of sh1t.

  • lauriece

denise, 11 Oct 2008how do i download the software and update my phone, also wh... moreyou can download the update software program by clicking this link:

*also have your files backed-uped because as your phone updates, all your files will be deleted so i suggest that you remove the memory card (M2) as well*