Sony Ericsson C902

Sony Ericsson C902

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  • jonnychip

Toni , 27 Sep 2008i was thinking about buying this phone for my birthday and after... morei;ve had this phone a few months. big mistake, keeps freezing and switching off. really gutted. used sony ericsson before hence going for this one. abit dissapointed.

  • denise

how do i download the software and update my phone, also where do i get it from?

  • jonnychip

i;ve had this phone just over a month, having few probs, 1 is that it just disconnects when in middle of phone call, or stays connected and other person cannot hear me, also when texting the screen freezes and turns off although fully charged. any advice please please

  • Mini

hi, i bought this fone recently and everytime i try to turn the flash on it says it's currently unavailable, can anyone help me fix this problem?

  • sonyfan

hi there, how can you use the flash as a torch without having to open the camera function and holding down the camera button? Any other way? Thanks

  • Anonymous

yes it has got camera flash which can be used as a light tourch.
Camera is great.

  • shaz

hi id like to buy this fone on contract but im still not sure.... does it come with a flash which i can use as a torch and is the camera good. at the moment ive got a k000i

  • Abdullah

Great mobile ..
hope with more colours !

  • lauriece

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2008how do i update the software???run the downloaded file and follow the instructions that will appear...

be sure to have your files back-uped owkie?

  • unknown girl

its so cool and awesome!:)(gasp)
the best camera phone ever!

  • Anonymous

lauriece, 07 Oct 2008u've had this phone for quite some time now...(i got mine last j... morehow do i update the software???

  • lauriece

u've had this phone for quite some time now...(i got mine last july)at first i've experience freezing as well.but when i've updated my software, my phone haven't experience freezing again!
i really love the camera,its like i have a digicam! the music player is totally awesome!nice audio cut it short, i love every bit of my c902!

you can try updating your software by visiting this link:­downloads/detailed/updateservice/c902?cc=ph&lc=e­n

*before you update your software, have your files (those that are saved in the phone memory e.g. photos,music files,phone book, messages) back-uped.remove your m2 as well.*

hope this could help!

  • vicky

hi JURA do we update the software??

  • panagiotis

it is not a camera phone, no xenon flash, pictures at night are bad.. k800 was match better in photographs, i regred i bought it

  • ananymous

Pro: Good camera with lense cover, small size, moderate battery life were wot attracted me towards this phone and all these features were really there when i got it.

Cons: Having this phone for the last two months, i would like to share my experience. When you are on a very important call and it drops due to a mobile hange..wot will be your expressions! thats wot happened with me while using this phone in the first month. I really ignored this problem and was planning to upgrade the software. After a week it started it's actual game. Continous ON OFF. I have sent it for repair(it was under warranty) and still waiting to get it back. The same problem was faced by two of my other friends.
Can anybody tell me on this forum wots this problem?

  • Venkat

Kitsune, 04 Oct 2008Hi I was thinking of buying this phone. But I want to make sure ... moreYes, this phone has MegaBass in it.

  • vicky

mv, 06 Oct 2008Update your sotware, It's really necessary!hi kinda unaware n wud like to know how do we update the software in case its so important....

  • mv

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2008the keypad buttons is very hard to press, that I could try to be... moreUpdate your sotware, It's really necessary!

  • Anonymous

Really disappointed .. they are STILL using qvga recording !! It even lacks a Xenon flash .. How come they call it a camera phone ?

  • al

reduce the brightness to lenghten the battery life....