Sony Ericsson C902

Sony Ericsson C902

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  • arex

Does 3G feature work in U.S.? in Europe?

  • Kitsune

Hi I was thinking of buying this phone. But I want to make sure that this phone is really a cybershot and has MEGABASS for the music? Can anyone pls. help to advice. thanks!

  • Joniekim

This is the best phone I have ever had. Very sleek and sexy design. Well engineered mechanism. Very nice camera that would kill all of the camera phones out there. It seems that SE spend so much time thinking on building this type of phone. It is not a smart phone and yet it is intelligent. Cheers! SE fans

  • Anonymous

The phone, came as a contract phone, & came with everything needed to get started, & handsfree kit.

  • Catze

can u use the flash as a torch?u know,like the w800,w810 type?

  • Anonymous

what does it come with

  • Anonymous

Hi there, really love the phone...........but.........yes theres a do i lengthen the time before this phone goes on standby??.........really fed up of it going dark after around 10 seconds.

thanx, any help would be appreciated

  • KMS

Tnaya, 02 Oct 2008This is my 3rd Sony Ericcson and for the first time I'm dis... moreTurn off 3G. Settings > Connectivity > Mobile Networks > GSM/3G Networks > GSM only. Otherwise phone will drain battery continually looking for 3G service.

  • Anonymous

the keypad buttons is very hard to press, that I could try to bear with it. However I encounter numerous reception problem, and the msg is not able to send out on the first attempt. furthermore, the phone frezzed when I try to send a mms msg. very laggy. the camera feature is good, it takes good picture. however as a phone, it fail function properly. is there anyone out there having such problem? it is only my first week owning the phone, and I encounter so many problems with the phone. Any resolution on the laggy and freezing issue?

  • Mark

dave, 26 Sep 2008mine freezes and was wondering what the problem wasjust typ... moreHi i'm on my 3rd 902 in 3month's first failed to work out of box,would'nt reconise sim 2nd lasted one day and 3 kept freezing switching of etc so sent it back for repair, now its exelent:) fast at last, its a good phone

  • aaron yap

i jus bought and love it!!
jus wanna ask a question, is it support GPS and Smartmail?

  • Tnaya

This is my 3rd Sony Ericcson and for the first time I'm disappointed.

The battery life is TERRIBLE! I'm having to charge it at least every two days and I hardly use the phone. I think it could be due to all the VLive software on the phone.

  • AndyCPW

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2008m2 or mircoSD where did u buy it fromThe phone only takes m2. They are £69.99 available from carphone warehouse now.

  • Charlie

My Sony Ericsson C902 constantly disconnects and reconnects from PC Suite, whether using Bluetooth or the USB Cable. Has anyone else experienced this problem? And can you solve it?

  • Tsepz

Does the C902 realy have TV-Out? If yes, do you get the TV-Out cable in the package?

  • carina

i just bought this mobile, and i love it, love it love it, and its absolutely very fast to open anything, feel great better than serie G, you'll get to know what you like as soon as you used to it, dont worry the price reasonable and its amazing...its everything what i looking for. c902 got everything you want, TEXT, CALL, TRANSFER DATA BLUETOOTH and STAND BY BATTERY are very good.

  • Steve

AndyP, 29 Sep 2008I'm on my second C902 now. The first one lasted only 1 day ... moreI had my C902 for just 3 days when I noticed the on/off button had come off! I found it in my pocket and used superglue and it seems ok now, but not a very good advert for something so expensive!

  • Anonymous

AndyCPW, 01 Oct 2008Hey all, just to let you 902 does accept the new ... morem2 or mircoSD where did u buy it from

  • JACK

c902 is a great phone . i really love it. the best thing in this phone is the camera very smart photos in day light

its a good phone

  • UML

Bev, 01 Oct 2008I am having problems with charging my c902 when it is plugg... moreHi Bev. I have had such a problem with the SE W910. My wife that has the C902 for about a month has never noticed anything like this. You might want to try and move the charger plug back and forth a bit when you connect it to the phone. Thats how it worked for me.