Sony Ericsson C902

Sony Ericsson C902

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  • JACK

c902 is a great phone . i really love it. the best thing in this phone is the camera very smart photos in day light

its a good phone

  • UML

Bev, 01 Oct 2008I am having problems with charging my c902 when it is plugged in... moreHi Bev. I have had such a problem with the SE W910. My wife that has the C902 for about a month has never noticed anything like this. You might want to try and move the charger plug back and forth a bit when you connect it to the phone. Thats how it worked for me.

  • AndyCPW

Hey all, just to let you 902 does accept the new 16gb sandisck memory card and works perfectly :-)

  • Anonymous

this phone is awful!! I know three people (including myself) with this phone and we all have problems.
One of my firends phones keeps switching it off, then my other friend keeps answering the phoen when it rings to find nobody at the end of the phone. And finally the 7 key on my phone just stopped working so i cant text or anything! Awful Awful phone.

  • Anonymous

ive had this phone for 4 days now and have had to charge the battery twice. total latlk time between charges was around 45 mins with another 45 minutes spent browsing the net using opera mini. So in total the battery is lasting 2 days with what I consider limited talktime / use. Is this normal? Any feedback from other users would be appreciated.

  • Anonymous

this is my 5th SE phone, was gonna go for the N81 but the os is to complicated i had enough of it with n93i in the past. so far this phone is quite good, nice finish, very high class, havent test out the camera out yet, but looking forward to it.

  • Bev

I am having problems with charging my c902 when it is plugged in the mains nothing happens for a hour until I unplug and re-plug several times before it shows any signs of life and wondered if anyone else has this ploblem. please feel free to let me know if you do.

  • gaza

i have never had any problems with this fone and i have had it 4 about 3 mounths now love it .the camra is awsum it takes really good pics happy i got is phone i would recommend it to any one

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know how to download games and ringtones for this phone?????????

  • filthydan

JESUS! whats with all that negative reveiws?
i just had this phone today, have anyone had this phone for 2 months without having any freezing problems?

  • AndyP

I'm on my second C902 now. The first one lasted only 1 day and the keys started to come unstuck and lifting off. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • KPnuts

Brilliant phone had a nokia 6220 classic for a week on trial and then this felt plasticy and poor screen, sony is a great phone, brilliant image quality from the camera, excellent battery life, excellent music player and on orange I got very fast broadband too. Would highly recommend it. Had nokia's all the time prior to this but have had no problem with functionality as its easy and simple to use. Great phone

  • crisvill

this is my second sony ricson phone and i'm loving it. Was not a big fan of se phones b4 but since i had d c902, im a lover now ;p
the beast feature is the camera, even in the absence of xenon, it takes great pixies even in the dark using the LED flash. I have not had any issues with it. no hanging or freezing.. i liked it as well cz i can continue to use the phone while receiving file via bluetooth which i cant do with my w850i b4.
a bit pricey, but its all worth it. i stopped bringing my digicam with me since i had this one.

  • Anonymous

best phone i ever had.
sony ericsson C902 is a really good phone. it's camera is perfect. the touch buttons make everything easy breezy. and it has a good sound quality as well.

  • moses matabani

This fone is the best thing ever, everyone should buy it, even thou i batista bombed in the first week i bought it, its tough and a great fone.

  • Anonymous

buying this phone was a big mistake! I had a nokia before this piece of crap. I'll never buy a sony phone again

  • Lex

This phone is terrible! I strongly advise everyone to stay away from it! Im a huge Sony Ericsson fan and have had two of the predecessors to this phone and loved them to bits but this is one truly is the most unreliable thing i've ever experienced. 10 mins ago had a phone call with a friend, this thing froze 8 times during a 6 min call, which i've grown use to now, it does afterall happen on a regular basis no matter what your doing with the phone at the time. The Thing turns it self off and stays off for a few mins, unless you take the battery out and put it back in, god knows what the things doing in those few mins but i dont care to be honest, more bothered about what im doing in those few mins and so far all i CAN do is stand around and scratch my ballbag while i wait. The internet button is soo small and soo squashed together its virtually impossible not to touch it, especially when your using the call button on the left. Texting is horrible because the keys are so small and compressed. The screen has been made smaller in exchange for some poorly designed touch screen feature you'd never need to use, i work for a Sony Centre in Essex and have watched Sony Ericsson phones slowly develop into the cameras we sell, taking on nearly all the features you can expect to find on one i.e face detection, nob cheese detection and the other useless toss Sony put on these things to make sound good. The camera actually isnt to bad, but thats ONLY when your taking photos! Dont even attempt to use the thing for video, its got some horrible strobe/motion blur glitch that occurs after the videos been recorded. It speeds up so fast sometimes its unbelivable. Choosing a number to call has been made rediculously hard because unless you have a tooth pick for a finger and the patience of a bone, using the call button nearly always means accidently touching the internet button.

Im looking at the thing sitting so majestically on my desk right now (in fine working order for the time being at least) and thinking how the next time it freezes im gonna chokeslam the thing straight out a tall building!

Seriosuly peops, take your hard earned coinage elsewhere! This one aint worth the ring ache!

  • Anonymous

UML, 28 Sep 2008Hey Tony! I bought this phone to my wife as a present. So far sh... moreyeh you have helped mi with my alot thnaks .. i am pleased with what you said and therefor am going to buy this phone .. thanks
toni *

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Go for the p1i. It looks better than the E71 and outperforms both. Camera (twin led flash) large screen, touchscreen, great battery life, and music player (megabass plus loud speaker) is good too. I think p1 is the best SE smartphone and it's very stable. Can support 8GB card as i m using one right now.

  • UML

Toni , 27 Sep 2008i was thinking about buying this phone for my birthday and after... moreHey Tony! I bought this phone to my wife as a present. So far she is pleased with it. The only downside I have to mention is the small screen. Camera is good in sufficient lighting but flash is inadequate. It features an excellent music and video player. The speaker is loud and clear. Built quality is quite good. Battery life is about 3 days with more than 30 min of talking, a few sms and photos and limited use of bluetooth and music player. No complaints about the phone freezing or restarting or anything. Hope I've helped.