Sony Ericsson C902

Sony Ericsson C902

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  • Anonymous

what does it mean that it has "built-in handsfree"? does that mean it has a wireless headset built into the phone that you can pull out?

  • ez008

Toni , 27 Sep 2008i was thinking about buying this phone for my birthday and after... moreevery phone has its good n depends on how u use it...


My C902 receives photos from very small messages with 1cmx1cm. The photos are sent with 25 kb and it receives with 5 kb. Firmware is finishes it of the site update of Sony. How to decide this?

  • Toni

i was thinking about buying this phone for my birthday and after reading all of these comments , i was wourding if to buy it or not ? could you please give me the good and bad signsof buying this phone . thanksyou x

  • pinkfloyd

Amazing phone !!!!!

  • Anonymous

The 5mp camera is good,but the phone does not have GPS and considering the fact that it is priced at around 20k this is a big dissapointment.GPS is expected from such high priced phones.

  • Anonymous

does anyone know how u download games? i have gone into the free trails and go to 'get game' and as soon as you enter the web it says URL unavailable. Can anyone help?

  • dave

mine freezes and was wondering what the problem wasjust typed in and found hundreds upon hundreds of complaints my last se as well, camera is excellent but the phone seems slugishly slow

  • Anonymous

DB, 26 Sep 2008This phone has a brilliant camera, but unfortunately you have to... moreToo true. This phone is a MASSIVE disappointment. It's the last SE I'll buy - and that's after 8 years of loyalty to SE.


  • Anonymous

Great phone - very slick, looks good, very slim, easy to use menus but only down side are the keys that are raised from the top which make them difficult to text with

  • craig

nice and slim to fit in any small holes in my pocket which when on vibrate touches my massive shlong and tickles well! would highly reccommend to anyone who likes ring themselves while on long train journeys or anytime!

  • DB

This phone has a brilliant camera, but unfortunately you have to balance that against the unreliability.
There is the occasional reboot which doesn't bother me as it's only off for a second before returning to life, but the worst thing is that I often end up missing calls and just ending up with a voicemail warning, something others have mentioned on this page.

I'm a big SE fan, and I normally sing their praises and wouldn't entertain buying anything else, or at least I wouldn't until I got this C902.

I would avoid at all costs - not sure what to do now I'm stuck with this for another 16months! Look around the web - there are masses of people with freezing and other problems that should've been resolved by Sony before it was released. A real shame. My firmware is bang up to date so there's no current solution. Best avoided!

  • Sony Ericsson Fans

This is the best phone i ever saw on cybershot!! as no cybershot phone can be as slim as C902 and this phone has also the best graphic and a stylo design

  • sherry

flash is disappointing

  • hobofeedme

i find that after the new firmware there is still lag with the interface.
I just bought a 8gb m2 card and it works fine but its a little slow. not something i am used to for a SE

  • Jura

tips for night photos:

use night mode :)

u can use sephia mode, or after taking a photo, use autocorection in options menu

  • Anonymous

jimeconomou, 23 Sep 2008The new firmware solved some[not of big importance]problems but ... morethe latest firmware is R3DA026 which was released on 21/09..but as of now its not available for all regions..

  • Anonymous

Was thinking of getting this handset but seems that the problems are taking forever to be resolved. Sounds like the C905 will be on sale way before this handset is reliable (if ever).Might as well wait a couple of weeks for C905 to arrive.

  • jimeconomou

The new firmware solved some[not of big importance]problems but now i notice something that i didnt notice before.The screen is a little bit dark now.Some photos or wallpapers appear with more intensely colors and the black parts of a photography are more black now.Is that normal?Is there anyone else faced the same problem?And one more question.The publication of software that my phone has now is 1204-1731 R3CA038 080721.Is there a newer one?

  • Anonymous

or even use the night mode instead of the light for vid capture and take stills from tha instead... many options and also heaps of light and exposure settings to mess with so don't worry bout inconsequential flash issues there's many solutions